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Eiwa and Sentera Collaborate on Drone Analytics Technology

Eiwa and Sentera announce a partnership to integrate Sentera's drone analytics into Eiwa's platform, enhancing agronomic data analysis.
Key Takeaways
  • Strategic Collaboration: Eiwa and Sentera announce a significant partnership, allowing Eiwa to license select drone analytics technology from Sentera.
  • Access and Availability: The licensed analytics will be incorporated into Eiwa Vault’s analytics library, benefiting Eiwa’s research and field customers in the US and South America.
  • Empowering Users: The partnership allows users to analyze drone-based imagery analytics via Eiwa’s data management platform, reducing costs, higher accuracy, and better efficiency.
  • Potential and Future Prospects: Eiwa sees this collaboration as the start of a prosperous, long-term relationship, marking the most substantial expansion of their analytics library.
  • Focus on Expertise: Both Eiwa and Sentera are industry leaders, with the latter offering reliable agronomic measurements and the former specializing in the digital transformation of the agricultural sector.

Eiwa and Sentera have embarked on a collaborative journey, marking a significant stride in the AgTech industry. Today, both companies announced a distribution agreement, paving the way for Eiwa to license a curated selection of drone analytics technology from Sentera. This technology is set to be a game-changer for Eiwa’s clientele, allowing them to gather diverse measurements throughout the farming season efficiently.

Brian Wenngatz, CEO of Sentera, encapsulated the mutual excitement, stating, “Under this agreement, Eiwa users gain access to Sentera’s industry-leading analytics products while Sentera activates an exciting new channel for delivering our capabilities to agronomic experts around the world.” This venture promises a seamless user experience, facilitating easy access and analysis of drone-based imagery analytics through Eiwa’s all-encompassing data management platform.

The partnership is not just about integrating technology. It aims at a larger vision— to catalyze the adoption of drone-based analytics, making the process more cost-effective, accurate, and efficient. The collaboration promises a revolution in how plot-based data collection and analysis is carried out.

Echoing this sentiment, Nicolas Otamendi, CEO of Eiwa, expressed his enthusiasm, “This marks the most significant expansion of our Analytics library to date. Sentera is a leader in the sector, having developed a range of valuable analytics that we can seamlessly deliver to our customers via the Eiwa Vault platform. We see this as the beginning of a long and successful partnership.”

The deal’s specifics remain confidential, but the potential impact on the industry is palpable.

Sentera, with its foothold in over 45 countries, offers products that empower customers with swift, precise, and economic agronomic measurements. Their vast data pool and machine learning development ensure reliable plant-level readings. 

Eiwa is an AgTech stalwart driving the digital overhaul necessary for the agricultural sector. Their Eiwa Vault platform amalgamates geospatial and tabular data, analytics, and varied data sources, simplifying and enhancing agronomic data management.

This collaboration heralds a new era for agronomic experts and promises to usher in unparalleled advancements in drone analytics technology.

Image provided by Sentera

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