AgTech/ AgriTech company Eiwa & Intelinair Collaborate for Drone Analytic Technology in Corn & Soybean Fields
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Eiwa & Intelinair Collaborate for Drone Analytic Technology in Corn & Soybean Fields

Intelinair and Eiwa have publicly announced the initiation of a multi-year research collaboration and distribution agreement, marking a significant partnership in the field of agricultural technology.

Agreement Overview

Under the terms of this agreement, Eiwa will license drone analytic technology specifically tailored for corn and soybean fields from Intelinair. This technology will be incorporated into Eiwa Vault’s analytics library, aiming to benefit Eiwa’s research customers in both the United States and South America.

The technology is designed to monitor and assess early-season corn and soybean fields, providing valuable insights and data.

Intelinair’s Perspective

Intelinair’s Global Business Leader, Orlando Saez, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Through this agreement, Eiwa users in the United States and South America will be able to use our drone analytics not just in commercial farms, but also in research plot applications.”

He further emphasized Intelinair’s commitment to accuracy, noting that their analytics have been extensively tested to meet the strict specifications required for corn and soybean plant height and counts across various field conditions. Saez concluded, “We are excited our analytics have been extensively tested to satisfy the accuracy needed under a wide range of field conditions in less time to increase enterprise value for our customers.”

Eiwa’s Perspective

Carlos Hirsch, CRO for Eiwa, highlighted the importance of this collaboration for Eiwa and its customers. He said, “This marks an important new phase for Eiwa and its customers, as we open our Analytics Library to also offer analytics from the best providers in the industry.”

Hirsch expressed optimism about the partnership with Intelinair, recognizing them as a market leader. He added, “Through this collaboration with Intelinair, we can provide our customers worldwide with a broader and more comprehensive drone analytic offering directly from our Eiwa Vault platform. We hope this is only the beginning of a long and successful partnership.”

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