Kernel Deltech Wins NASA's Deep Space Food Challenge with Revolutionary Fungi-Based Food Tech Eternal Bioworks
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Eternal Bioworks: Kernel Wins NASA’s Deep Space Food Challenge

The company announced today that Kernel Deltech, the space-centric arm of Eternal Bioworks, has secured a significant victory in NASA’s Deep Space Food Challenge.

The achievement underscores the exceptional innovation of Kernel Deltech’s patented food technology, which is primarily based on fungi. The system, compact and automated, has been compared to a fungi-food version of a coffee pod machine, tailored to function with the limited resources available in space.

“Our technology’s potential is outstanding, both in space and on Earth,” said Miguel Neumann, the newly appointed CEO of Kernel Deltech. “Our team’s talent and dedication have been key to our success, and winning the NASA Deep Space Food Challenge brings our vision into sharper focus.”

The technology employs advanced artificial intelligence and robotics to minimize water and energy consumption while maximizing nutritional yield. In addition, it underwent rigorous testing and verification by NASA judges for safety and efficiency, further solidifying its utility and readiness.

Eternal Bioworks, also a finalist in the XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion challenge, highlights the adaptability of its invention—Mycofood™—across diverse environments and situations. This positions the company’s innovative product as a potential game-changer in global food systems.

Horacio Acerbo, the founder of Eternal, expressed his enthusiasm about the breakthrough. “This achievement is not only monumental for Kernel Deltech and Eternal Bioworks but also for humanity,” Acerbo said. “Our fungi-based food technology has the potential to transform how we perceive and approach food security on Earth, making this a victory for sustainable nutrition and space exploration.”

Kernel Deltech will showcase its groundbreaking technology at the NASA Deep Space Food Challenge and Beyond event, slated for May 20th at Smart Design in Brooklyn.

Lucas Gago, the Chief Innovation Officer for Eternal Group, echoed Acerbo’s sentiments. “We are standing at the dawn of a new era in food production and space exploration,” said Gago. “This technology brings us one step closer to realizing long-duration space travel.”

As the world grapples with escalating food security concerns, these technological advancements in sustainable nutrition offer hope, with the bonus of propelling space exploration forward.

Image provided by Eternal Bioworks

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