Exacta Bioscience and Ginkgo Bioworks unite to optimize FitoRoot® biostimulant, leveraging biotechnology for sustainable crop protection.
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Exacta Bioscience and Ginkgo Bioworks Join Forces

Exacta Bioscience and Ginkgo Bioworks have joined hands to revolutionize crop protection using cutting-edge biotechnology. The partnership aims to enhance Exacta’s crop protection product, FitoRoot®, utilizing Ginkgo’s end-to-end agricultural R&D services. This strategic alliance signifies a significant stride towards sustainable agriculture and could potentially reshape how we safeguard our crops while promoting environmental stewardship.

Exacta Bioscience is at the forefront of harnessing the power of nature and its microorganisms for crop protection. Their innovative product, FitoRoot, is a biostimulant of three Bacillus strains meticulously designed to bolster crop health. By facilitating better nutrient absorption and water retention and strengthening defenses against environmental stressors, FitoRoot presents a transformative solution for modern agricultural challenges. It has the potential to elevate crop yields, enhance plant resilience, and contribute to a more secure food supply in the face of climate change-induced stressors.

Ginkgo Bioworks, on the other hand, is a pioneer in cell programming and biosecurity. Their expertise lies in developing advanced biological solutions across various sectors, including agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and industrial chemicals. This partnership allows Ginkgo to leverage its extensive agricultural R&D services, aiding Exacta Bioscience in optimizing its fermentation and formulation processes to improve the cost efficiency and scalability of FitoRoot.

A shared commitment to sustainability and innovation drives the collaboration. By combining Exacta’s emphasis on microbial solutions for crop health with Ginkgo’s prowess in agricultural development, the partnership aspires to redefine agricultural practices. José Bustos, CEO of Exacta Bioscience, emphasizes the significance of the partnership in making FitoRoot more accessible and cost-effective, which will undoubtedly contribute to its wider adoption by farmers.

Magalie Guilhabert, Head of Ag Biologicals at Ginkgo Bioworks, underscores the potential of this partnership to revolutionize agricultural innovation. Integrating biotechnological solutions can catalyze a shift towards more sustainable farming practices, ensuring a healthier and more secure food system for the Americas and beyond.

The impact of this partnership is already being witnessed in Chile, where FitoRoot is currently marketed. The optimized formulation and enhanced scalability resulting from Ginkgo’s expertise are expected to make FitoRoot more competitive, accelerating its commercialization. With plans to expand to other Latin American markets, the product’s upcoming launch by Adama Chile, a leading crop protection company, is a testament to its promising potential.

As the world faces mounting challenges due to climate change and the ever-increasing demand for food production, collaborations like this are crucial in providing effective and sustainable solutions. The Exacta Bioscience-Ginkgo Bioworks partnership exemplifies the potential of biotechnology to transform agriculture, bolstering crop resilience and ultimately contributing to global food security.

The alliance between Exacta Bioscience and Ginkgo Bioworks is more than just a partnership; it promises a greener future. As the agricultural industry evolves, embracing innovative and sustainable solutions becomes imperative. This collaboration serves as a beacon of hope, demonstrating that by harnessing the power of nature and biotechnology, we can reimagine crop protection, enhance yields, and cultivate a more resilient and sustainable global food supply. With FitoRoot paving the way, the stage is set for a new agricultural practice era that prioritizes both productivity and planet Earth’s well-being.

Image provided by Ginkgo Bioworks

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