Farm.One’s Christmas Miracle


Farm.One the indoor vertical farm based in New York City announced that they’ve been able to find an investor to fuel their growth after an unsuccessful crowdfunding campaign in the first half of 2022. 

The company, created originally to supply vertically grown greens to New York City‘s high-end restaurants had to shift its plans during the pandemic as the series of lockdowns affected most of its professional customers and forced them to shift their plans due to that. Ever since the pandemic, the company shifted to a subscription model where customers across the city could get local greens (and other specialty crops) delivered to their doorsteps. To further its growth, the company sought funding but was unsuccessful which led to the closing of its farms until, according to the company, an investor accepted to provide the necessary funding for the company to pursue its plans.

“By September we were convinced the dream had been extinguished beyond any hope. But somehow, despite everything, underneath it all, a little seed stayed alive. ‍ At the very last minute, we were found by a new investor. One with the resources to support our plans to expand our facility and grow for the long term.‍ Farm.One is about to be better than ever.” the company commented on its website.

The company is now planning to begin its first harvests in early 2023 after having fixed up the farm building on Bergen street and adding more production capacity.

“To all those who have supported us with your positive messages, helpful advice, connections, and prayers(!), we thank you. Shout out to Agritecture in particular. We thank our heroic ex-team for their incredible support and we hope to re-hire team members as possible.” The company concludes

The company is now seeking a new Sales Director, click here for more information and contact details.

Image provided by Farm.One

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