FarmWorks Secures $4.1M in Pre-Series A Funding Round
AgTech Funding Round

FarmWorks Secures $4.1M in Pre-Series A Funding Round

FarmWorks, a Kenyan agricultural technology (agtech) startup, has announced the successful raising of $4.1 million in a pre-Series A funding round. The round, backed by the Acumen Resilient Agriculture Fund, a current investor, has taken the company’s total equity fundraising to $5.6 million. The round also saw participation from Vested World, Livelihood Impact Fund, and a number of angel investors who prefer to remain anonymous.

Founded in 2020 by Yi Li and Peter Muthee, FarmWorks seeks to bridge the gap between smallholder farmers, agricultural supplies, and potential markets for their produce. The firm’s innovative out-grower program currently unites more than 2,000 smallholder farmers, enabling the creation of a robust network of supply chains. This assures the availability of top-quality products and guarantees prompt delivery.

In an interview with Tech build Africa, CEO Yi Li shared insights into the firm’s future plans following this successful funding round. According to Li, the additional funding will be instrumental in enhancing the company’s data analytics capabilities. The funds will also aid FarmWorks in harnessing advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology to boost agricultural production and enhance decision-making processes related to planting and loans.

The successful funding round underscores the growing confidence in agtech solutions among investors, especially those targeting the empowerment of smallholder farmers. The development also spotlights the increasing recognition of technology’s role in revolutionizing traditional farming methods to make them more efficient, profitable, and sustainable.

Nonetheless, as is the case with all startups, FarmWorks will face its own unique set of challenges. Incorporating AI technology into farming practices is a complex task, and ensuring product quality while expanding operations to include more farmers will be a significant challenge for the company.

FarmWorks’ recent funding success marks a crucial point in the company’s journey as it seeks to expand and enhance its agtech platform. The agricultural sector, investment community, and most significantly, the smallholder farmers within FarmWorks’ network, will be keenly observing how these funds are employed to optimize operations and deliver positive impacts.

Photo by bill wegener on Unsplash 

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