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France Unveils a 65M Euro Agriculture Research Program

France unveils investment in agriculture research program

France has officially launched the Priority Research Program and Equipment (PEPR) on agroecology and digital technology, a new agriculture research program aimed at accelerating the agroecological transition in the country’s agriculture sector. The program, which is financed by the French government with 65 million euros (USD 71M) as part of France 2030, will utilize digital technology to benefit all farmers and address food security, climate, and environmental challenges.

Research and innovation play a fundamental role in building responsible digital agriculture, which is essential for sustainable production. The PEPR agriculture research program, launched by the French Ministries of Research, Agriculture, Digital Transition, and the General Secretariat for Investment, will be financed with 65 million euros from France 2030 over 8 years and aims to accelerate the third agricultural revolution, based on living and knowledge.

The agriculture research program will fund high-level research and support innovation and deployment in the territories. It will also strengthen academic action in these fields, particularly by closely associating major research universities and federating a research ecosystem at the interface between agroecology and digital technology. The program will focus on four main axes: supporting changes in practices by studying the place and role of technologies, their impacts, and public policies; characterizing animal and plant genetic resources to evaluate their potential for agroecology and promote their deployment; developing new generations of agro-equipment through digital technologies and robotics to assist farmers in their work, such as improving animal health and welfare through connected animal buildings or reducing the use of pesticides through precision agriculture; and developing digital decision-making tools, particularly artificial intelligence, for collecting and analyzing data in agriculture to improve farming practices.

The PEPR agriculture research program is part of the acceleration strategy “Sustainable Agricultural Systems and Agricultural Equipment Contributing to the Ecological Transition” of France 2030, which aims to create a more sustainable and resilient agriculture sector in the country. The initiative is a significant step towards achieving a greener and more efficient agriculture system, and it is expected to have a positive impact on farmers and the environment. With the help of this agriculture research program, farmers will have access to cutting-edge technology and innovative practices that will help them to improve their productivity and efficiency while reducing their environmental impact. The program will also help to promote sustainable agricultural practices and support the development of new agro-equipment that is more eco-friendly and efficient.

Furthermore, the PEPR agriculture research program will also aid in addressing the global challenges of food security and climate change. By promoting sustainable agricultural practices and utilizing digital technology, the program aims to reduce the environmental footprint of the agriculture sector and improve the resilience of farmers to climate change.

Overall, the PEPR agriculture research program is a significant investment in the future of France’s agriculture sector. By fostering collaboration between researchers, farmers, and industry partners, it aims to promote sustainable agricultural practices, improve the efficiency and productivity of farmers, and address the global challenges of food security and climate change. With the support of this agriculture research program, France’s agriculture sector is poised to become a leader in sustainable and digital agriculture, setting an example for the rest of the world to follow.

Photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash 

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