Fulcrum Integrates Esri's ArcGIS Maps to Enhance Field Inspection Management
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Fulcrum Integrates Esri’s ArcGIS Maps to Enhance Field Inspection Management

Fulcrum, a leading provider of field inspection management platforms, announced today the integration of Esri’s ArcGIS Maps software development kit (SDK) into its platform. This move is set to provide its customers with seamless access to Esri’s industry-leading geographic information system (GIS) capabilities.

The integration will benefit Fulcrum’s customers across various sectors, including power, water, telecom, agriculture, and environmental engineering, by enabling them to access and utilize Esri data directly within the Fulcrum platform. This process streamlines workflows and saves valuable time.

“Fulcrum is enabling data collectors and inspectors in the field to get a simple, location-rich experience that helps them perform tasks more effectively,” a Fulcrum representative said. “This integration provides businesses with more complete, higher-quality location data as part of their daily operations.”

The integration, which is designed to address several organizational pain points, is a significant benefit to Fulcrum’s 3,000 customers. It streamlines creating, deploying, and maintaining data collection apps that natively incorporate geospatial information, offering a unified user experience.

Field inspectors and data collectors, traditionally relying on paper maps or various digital mapping solutions, can now manage their processes, geographic context, and data collection in one mobile app. Esri’s Feature Services capabilities, including the ability for Fulcrum to consume Esri-native lines and polygons, allow real-time communication of changes from the office to the field.

Even private layers requiring authentication to Esri can now be accessed in Fulcrum on mobile devices, leading to greater efficiency and productivity by providing faster, easier access to all necessary information in one place.

Transferring relevant geospatial data to and from mobile devices has typically been tedious and manual. With this integration, Fulcrum customers who require robust location capabilities can improve two-way communication of maps and geodatabase information with minimal effort.

The integration also enhances data timeliness and quality by providing real-time, bi-directional data flows between Fulcrum and ArcGIS. This eliminates the time, transcription errors, and staffing difficulties accompanying traditional non-integrated solutions.

Jared Carey, Innovation Specialist for TREKK Design Group, LLC, commented on the integration: “This is a game changer for organizations that need to build, deploy, and manage complex field inspection applications. With Fulcrum’s powerful platform and Esri’s GIS capabilities, we can now provide our field teams with faster and easier access to critical inspection data online and offline within their geographic area.”

Photo by D O M I N I K J P W on Unsplash 

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