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Geothermal Energy Use In CEA Facilities

Geothermal Energy agtech cea

A cutting-edge controlled environment agriculture facility leveraging geothermal energy being built by Freshbay is expected to influence the local economy significantly. Just the strawberry variety Affinoria Fragaria will be grown at the site. This facility is eco-friendly since it uses geothermal energy, which produces no greenhouse gases, air pollution, or hazardous waste. Freshbay strives to grow crops of the highest quality, and may be harvested year-round if advanced technologies like vertical farming and greenhouses are used.

“Geothermal energy is a natural, sustainable resource that can meet the demands of big energy users like indoor food production. Freshbay is all in, and we have ambitious growth plans for Western Canada. Our next goals are Sturgeon County, Alberta, and Northern British Columbia. Although there is a lot of interest elsewhere, we intend to concentrate on Canada for the foreseeable future”. Vic Reddy, CEO of Freshbay, said

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