Grace Breeding's groundbreaking biofertilizers like Maoz and climate stress solutions like ProMagen are transforming agriculture.
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Grace Breeding’s Biofertilizers and Climate Stress Solutions

Grace Breeding Ltd., an innovative AgClimateTech company, has emerged as a pioneer in developing sustainable biological-based products to enhance crop yield and vigor while minimizing the negative environmental impact of traditional agricultural practices. The company’s recent achievements, including the approval of its environmentally friendly proprietary NFT biofertilizer, Maoz™, in Brazil and Austria, along with its promising climate stress tolerance solution, ProMagen™, have positioned it as a leading force in sustainable agriculture.

Grace Breeding’s mission revolves around reimagining the way crops are grown, addressing the negative impact of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, and providing effective, environmentally friendly alternatives. The company’s two flagship products, Maoz and ProMagen, have garnered attention due to their innovative nature and the benefits they offer to farmers and the environment.

Maoz, Grace Breeding’s proprietary NFT biofertilizer, represents a breakthrough in sustainable agriculture. This biofertilizer works in harmony with natural, non-pathogenic bacteria to reduce the need for chemical fertilizers significantly. The result is a reduction in CO2 emissions, a lower environmental impact on soil and groundwater, and a substantial decrease in synthetic nitrogen use – up to 50%.

Traditional chemical nitrogen fertilizers, which are integral to modern agriculture, have come under scrutiny due to their adverse effects on the environment. The biofertilizer market, led by Grace Breeding, provides a much-needed solution. The biofertilizer can be applied across a variety of field crops, such as corn, wheat, soy, and rice, making it a versatile option for farmers seeking sustainable alternatives.

Grace Breeding’s ProMagen, designed for foliar application, offers a natural and botanical-based solution to combat climate stress in plants. Unlike synthetic fungicides and pesticides that can harm groundwater and human health, ProMagen provides a safe and effective means of enhancing plant response to disease attacks and preventing severe disease progression. With its environmentally friendly properties and potential to revolutionize crop protection, ProMagen, also known as ClimAid™ when applied via soil, addresses a significant challenge facing modern agriculture.

The first half of 2023 has marked significant achievements for Grace Breeding. Notably, the company secured product registration approvals for Maoz in Brazil and Austria, as well as for its climate stress tolerance solution, ClimAid, in Germany. These approvals are a testament to the efficacy and potential of Grace Breeding’s sustainable products.

Additionally, field trials and studies have shown promising results for both Maoz and ProMagen. Trials conducted in Brazil with Eurofins Group and Gaia AgroSolutions confirmed that Maoz leads to increased crop yields while using only half the amount of synthetic nitrogen fertilizer. This translates to cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

ProMagen has also demonstrated its effectiveness in boosting plant resilience and yield. Trials with partners at the State University of Londrina in Brazil showcased improved resilience and tolerance in soybean plants treated with ProMagen, along with higher yields.

Looking ahead, Grace Breeding aims to establish local collaborations that enhance the value chain for its biofertilizers, conduct field trials in key markets, promote its approved products, and refine strategic marketing efforts. Grace Breeding’s innovative biofertilizers and climate stress solutions offer hope for a more ecologically conscious future in farming. By reducing reliance on synthetic fertilizers and offering safer alternatives, the company is contributing to the planet and its inhabitants.

Image provided by Grace Breeding

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