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Grace Breeding’s Innovative ClimAid™ Receives EU Approval

Grace Breeding Ltd. (TASE: GRAC), a pioneering AgClimateTech company, has announced the approval of its revolutionary climate stress tolerance solution, known as WDS (Wide Defense System), for product registration in Germany. This achievement marks Grace Breeding’s first product registration approval within the European Union (EU) for innovative agricultural technology. The German Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) has given the green light for the solution to be marketed under the brand name “ClimAid™,” signaling a positive shift toward environmentally conscious farming practices.

Grace Breeding is on a mission to revolutionize the agricultural industry by developing sustainable biological-based products that enhance crop yield and vigor while reducing the ecological footprint of traditional farming methods. The approval of ClimAid™ represents a significant milestone for the company’s efforts to promote sustainable and efficient farming practices across Europe and beyond.

ClimAid™, the cutting-edge climate stress tolerance solution, is designed to address the challenges posed by changing climatic conditions, including droughts and arid weather patterns that can severely impact crop yields. The proprietary WDS formula has demonstrated impressive results, showcasing its ability to enhance plant resilience and increase crop yields, even in challenging environments.

Field tests conducted in Israel, an area susceptible to dry conditions, provided compelling evidence of ClimAid™’s efficacy. Industrial tomato crops treated with the WDS formula exhibited a remarkable 17 percent increase in yield during field trials. Moreover, the solution’s positive impact extended beyond increased yield, with noticeable improvements in root system growth and nutrient absorption from the soil. These findings highlight the multifaceted benefits that ClimAid™ can offer to farmers, including enhanced crop productivity and improved overall plant health.

The recent product registration approval in Germany represents a pivotal moment for Grace Breeding as it expands its reach within the European Union. The support of SCC (Scientific Consulting Company) GmbH, a regulatory consulting firm specializing in EU compliance, has been instrumental in navigating the complex approval process. This achievement not only allows Grace Breeding to introduce ClimAid™ to German farmers but also paves the way for future product registrations in other EU countries, ultimately contributing to the advancement of sustainable agricultural practices across the region.

Grace Breeding’s dedication to developing environmentally sustainable products is underscored by its commitment to reducing the ecological impact of traditional farming methods. By offering solutions for crop bio-fertilization and climate stress relief, the company aims to minimize the environmental damage caused by synthetic fertilizers and promote responsible agricultural practices. With research and development centers located globally, Grace Breeding is working in collaboration with leading experts to drive innovation and provide farmers with effective, natural, and efficient tools to ensure the sustainability of the agriculture industry.

Grace Breeding’s approval of ClimAid™ in Germany heralds a new era in sustainable agriculture. The innovative climate stress tolerance solution represents a powerful tool for farmers, enabling them to enhance crop resilience, increase yields, and mitigate the impact of changing environmental conditions. As the company continues its mission to revolutionize crop agriculture, its commitment to providing environmentally friendly solutions highlights the potential for a more sustainable and resilient future for farmers and the planet.

Image provided by Grace Breeding Ltd.

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