TiNDLE Foods introduces TiNDLE Chicken Pieces, a locally-designed and manufactured plant-based meat product from Singapore.
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TiNDLE Foods Launches Innovative TiNDLE Chicken Pieces

TiNDLE Foods, previously known as Next Gen Foods, has proudly unveiled its newest creation – TiNDLE Chicken Pieces. This product marks the debut of locally-produced, plant-based meat but also stands as the company’s first offering entirely designed and manufactured within the vibrant city-state of Singapore. The TiNDLE Chicken Pieces are to revolutionize culinary experiences, gracing the menus of popular fast-casual restaurants, SaladStop! in Singapore and SLA in The Netherlands.

TiNDLE Chicken Pieces have been crafted with culinary versatility in mind, offering endless possibilities for creative preparation. These plant-based pieces can be adorned with a spectrum of sauces and marinades, seamlessly elevating salads, wraps, burritos, stir-fries, noodle dishes, and more. While accommodating diverse culinary preferences, TiNDLE Chicken Pieces consistently deliver a savory flavor and a satisfyingly firm texture.

What sets TiNDLE Chicken Pieces apart is their pure and simple ingredient list. Comprising just five GMO-free components – water, soy protein, sunflower and rapeseed oils, natural flavorings, and salt – these plant-based marvels embody nutritional integrity. Each serving boasts an impressive 19g of protein and 6g of fiber while remaining entirely cholesterol-free.

The origins of TiNDLE Chicken Pieces trace back to March 2021 when TiNDLE Foods initially introduced its flagship product – a pioneering and pliable plant-based chicken. Designed in close collaboration with chefs for chefs, this innovation began its culinary journey in a select number of Singaporean eateries, including esteemed establishments like Love Handle and Three Buns. Since then, the brand has rapidly expanded its reach, gracing thousands of dining destinations and supermarket shelves across the globe. Today, TiNDLE Foods offers a comprehensive range of seven products tailored for food service and an additional six products for retail consumption.

Andre Menezes, CEO and Co-Founder of TiNDLE Foods highlights the convergence of values between Singapore and The Netherlands in nurturing sustainable food ecosystems. He emphasizes the significance of TiNDLE Chicken Pieces, originating and fully realized in Singapore, as a pivotal step towards enticing conscious consumers worldwide.

Beyond Singapore, TiNDLE Foods has found resonance in the Netherlands, a nation renowned for its flourishing food tech and innovation landscape. With a thriving plant-based sector and a populace deeply attuned to conscious consumption, the Netherlands serves as a strategic locale for TiNDLE’s expansion. Notably, the country boasts the highest per capita consumption of plant-based foods in Europe.

The launch of TiNDLE Chicken Pieces is a resounding testament to TiNDLE Foods’ commitment to pioneering sustainable and innovative plant-based alternatives. As the culinary landscape continues to evolve, TiNDLE Foods stands as a beacon of change, heralding a future where conscious consumption harmonizes with gastronomic delight.

Established in 2020, TiNDLE Foods is a pioneering food tech startup that specializes in the development and commercialization of sustainable, innovative, and delectable plant-based food brands. Backed by a team with proven expertise in plant-based food technology, global brand establishment, and distribution expansion, TiNDLE Foods remains steadfast in its mission to redefine the future of food. 

Image provided by TiNDLE Foods

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