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GROWiT Inks Two Collaborations To Improve India’s Agricultural Industry

GROWiT Inks Two Collaborations To Improve India's Agricultural Industry

GROWiT, a leading manufacturer of D2F protective farming products in India, has recently announced two collaborations to improve the country’s agricultural industry.

The first collaboration is with Jai Kisan, which will provide instant loan facilities to farmers to purchase high-quality farming products and expand Jai Kisan’s customer portfolio. This partnership will allow farmers to access the latest and best products to improve their cultivation practices and increase their yields without worrying about upfront costs.

Commenting on the significance of the collaboration with Jai Kisan, Saurabh Agarwal, Director and CEO of GROWiT, said, “We at GROWiT are excited to collaborate with Jai Kisan to accomplish the goal of providing easy finances to the farmers across India. This tie-up will enable farmers to avail of loans up to INR 25,000 for purchasing protective farming products to upgrade their farming practices. This will empower farmers financially to prosper the whole agriculture industry in the nation. It is crucial to realize the importance of financial support from the farmers’ perspective. The easy loan will increase the farming products’ affordability for farmers, which will encourage farmers to utilize agricultural products of the finest quality. In addition, we anticipate that the tie-up would encourage farmers pan India to embrace healthy cultivation practices.”


The second collaboration is with KVK Narayangaon, which will assist farmers in adopting healthy cultivation practices through protective farming methods. The partnership will help farmers increase their per-acre yields, reduce costs, and improve the overall quality of their crops. By working with KVK Narayangaon, GROWiT is committed to assisting farmers in embracing new and effective cultivation methods and improving their operations’ efficiency.

GROWiT has a history of collaborating with various organizations to uplift the agricultural industry in India. Some of its previous partnerships include a technology partnership with Baramati KVK and an awareness-raising partnership with Sammunati. These partnerships have helped GROWiT gain a reputation as a company dedicated to improving the lives of farmers and helping them succeed in their work.

The ultimate goal of GROWiT is to connect farmers nationwide with a greater ecosystem of protective farming measures to make cultivation practices effective and productive. By collaborating with Jai Kisan and KVK Narayangaon, GROWiT is taking a significant step towards this goal and helping farmers across India improve their livelihoods and achieve tremendous success.

Photo by Naveed Ahmed on Unsplash 


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