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Inarix Secures €3.1M Seed Round to Scale AI-Powered Crop Analysis Platform & Expand To The US Market

AgTech Inarix Secures Funding For Crop Analysis Platform

Inarix’s innovative AI-powered platform has the potential to revolutionize the way agriculture producers analyze their crops. By providing real-time crop qualification results, Inarix allows farmers to make data-driven decisions about their produce, reducing waste and ensuring the overall quality of agricultural products. With the new funding, Inarix can expand its capabilities and reach new markets, including the United States. The seed round comprised several investors, including venture funds Ankaa Ventures, Label Investment, Newfund, Alliance for Impact and Resilience, and Francis Nappez, the CEO of Hectar, who participated as a business angel.

Inarix’s success in France, where it has a user base of over 400 users, is a testament to the potential of its technology. The company’s ability to determine the quality of barley and soft wheat in real-time has already been a game-changer for farmers in the French cereal industry. With plans to expand to other crops, such as corn, soybeans, and coffee, Inarix is poised for even greater success. “Essentially, we are transforming your smartphone into a pocket laboratory,” said Inarix founder and CEO Pierre Chapelle. “The feedback that we’ve gotten from our current customers shows that being able to get these types of results instantaneously, on the go, and without having to use large and complex machinery has been a game changer for them, so we’re excited to build out further the technology to make it more widely available to all agriculture players.”

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Investors are excited about Inarix’s potential to become the global reference in the billion-dollar cereal quality control market. With its innovative technology and commitment to improving food security and sustainability, Inarix is well-positioned to disrupt the industry and transform the way farmers and other players along the value chain approach crop analysis. Jonathan Cohen-Sabban, from Ankaa Ventures, stated that Inarix’s AI-powered technology is revolutionizing the vital sector of crop and agricultural product analysis. He added that the easy scalability of Inarix’s solution empowers all the players in the value chain, including farmers and end-clients, to minimize waste and ensure the quality of agricultural products. Cohen-Sabban expressed his pride in supporting the company’s mission to enhance food security and sustainability.

Inarix’s expansion into the US market is a logical next step for the company. With corn and soybeans being significant crops in the country, Inarix’s platform could significantly impact the industry. In addition, by enabling farmers to make data-driven decisions about their produce, Inarix could help reduce waste and improve the overall quality of agricultural products in the United States.

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