WayBeyond Reveals New Tool For Maintaining Optimal Plant Growth
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WayBeyond Reveals New Tool For Maintaining Optimal Plant Growth

WayBeyond, a company at the forefront of innovative solutions for the agriculture industry, has just introduced a new tool for maintaining optimal plant growth: the Plant Balance Indicator. This cutting-edge solution is designed to help growers achieve the best possible results from their crops, starting with tomato crops.

The Plant Balance Indicator is an intelligent digital feature that displays the state of the plant in real-time, providing growers with a graphical view of the relevant data to their crops. The tool uses proprietary statistical models to analyze crop registration data, environmental sensor data, and plant biology information. Then, it presents the results clearly and concisely.

Sean Tindale, the Chief Technology Officer of WayBeyond, states that creating effective agricultural products requires more than technology. He emphasizes that a comprehensive knowledge base for data modeling and input from growers is crucial for developing successful horticultural technology. Tindale explains that WayBeyond’s unique approach is to make this knowledge and data accessible to growers as agronomy insights and tools, allowing them to make the right decisions at the right time to enhance crop outcomes. The company has been fortunate enough to have six years of data collected from tomato producers and experienced partner growers worldwide, which supports the validity of its solutions. As WayBeyond continues to embrace artificial intelligence and create more advanced models, Tindale believes that tools like the Plant Balance Indicator will be just one of many options available to growers to optimize their production.

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One of the key advantages of the Plant Balance Indicator is that it empowers growers to make informed decisions based on the data. By analyzing factors such as temperature, moisture levels, and other environmental conditions, the tool helps growers to understand how their crops are growing and what they can do to optimize their harvest and improve their profit margins.

The Plant Balance Indicator is built from a comprehensive knowledge base for data modeling, which has been carefully researched and curated by the team at WayBeyond. Additionally, the tool can be further refined by growers, who can input their information to help enhance the accuracy of the data analysis.

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