Intact Regenerative has secured funding to advance its mission of producing sustainable, low-carbon ingredients from regenerative agriculture.
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Intact Regenerative: Leading the Green Ingredient Revolution

In 2022, a revolutionary French start-up, Intact Regenerative, was born with a singular mission: to tap into the benefits of regenerative agriculture and produce low-carbon ingredients catering to the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical sectors. A year later, their efforts are bearing fruit and garnering significant financial support.

The recent announcement from Intact Regenerative has sent waves of optimism through the sustainable start-up community. The company revealed that it secured state support of 14.3 million euros under the France 2030 initiative. On top of that, they successfully raised 40 million euros, backed by Axereal—a previously known partner—and the Strategic Transitions Fund, overseen by ISALT.

As per the company’s press release, the fresh funds are aimed at ramping up Intact’s industrial development plans, notably marking the beginning of the construction of their upcoming site located in Baule, Loiret.

Founder Alexis Duval expressed his gratitude, emphasizing the critical role of their committed partners. Duval said, “We are pleased to take a major new step in the development of Intact today thanks to partners committed to working alongside us to rapidly grow this very ambitious project, which aims to bring out a new virtuous sector of healthier and more respectful of the environment.”

Intact Regenerative is dedicated to the natural regeneration of soils, a method that has gained prominence due to its multiple environmental benefits. Through this, the company innovatively develops low-carbon ingredients that cater to several industries.

One of the most anticipated launches from Intact is their new generation of vegetable proteins sourced from legumes. Moreover, by the end of 2024, the market will witness the introduction of the world’s first neutral alcohol derived from legumes.

Elaborating on their innovations, the company shared, “Intact alcohol is a breakthrough in terms of sustainability and allows a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from many products such as perfumes or spirits.” The company further clarified, “Intact vegetable proteins are obtained by a natural selection process, which preserves the nutritional qualities of the proteins and makes it possible to dispense with any chemical product.”

While speaking to BFM Business, Alexis Duval highlighted the increasing demand in the industry, emphasizing the importance of sustainability and decarbonization. He added, “There is a demand. Our customers are the industry.” Intact Regenerative’s journey so far is a testament to the immense potential that sustainable business practices hold for the planet and commercial success. Their initiatives are a step toward a greener future where business and sustainability go hand in hand.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash 

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