iPower Inc. Unveils New iFarm Smart Table Top Growing System

iPower Inc. Unveils New iFarm Smart Table Top Growing System

iPower Inc., an online retailer and supplier of consumer home and garden products, has announced the launch of its innovative product, the iFarm Smart Table Top Growing System. The product, now available on Amazon, is designed to conveniently cultivate herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables indoors.

The iFarm Smart Table Top Growing System is a three-in-one automated indoor hydroponic garden system. It features a large water tank capable of supporting plant growth for 1-3 weeks, auto-LED lighting, and automatic cycling. With this system, there’s no need to worry about the mess typically associated with soil or being constrained by weather conditions. The compact growing area has a high-quality LED light fixture to provide consistent lighting, facilitating year-round growth.

In a first for the hydroponics industry, this system boasts an isolated seeding area that allows seeds to absorb water and nutrients simultaneously with the main growing tank. With 28 pods dedicated to growing and seeding, this new system aims to increase the user’s productivity and yield.

Its Wi-Fi-enabled app control feature sets the iFarm Smart Table Top Growing System apart. Customers can manage their indoor garden using the iFarm Indoor Growing App, providing an added level of convenience and control.

Speaking on the product launch, Lawrence Tan, CEO of iPower, said, “Our analytics team identified a gap in the hydroponics equipment market. We found that there was little differentiation among products, unmet needs, and the price points did not reflect the value or utility of the products.” He added that after nearly a year of development, they are excited to offer customers a fast-growing, aesthetically pleasing indoor hydroponics system that stands out in its category.

Image provided by iPower

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