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Proventus Bioscience Embarks on Construction of State-of-the-Art Production Plant and HQ in Quebec

Proventus Bioscience Embarks on Construction of State-of-the-Art Production Plant and HQ in Quebec

Proventus Bioscience, a biotech frontrunner renowned for producing sustainable biological microorganisms for diverse industries, has announced construction on a new 20,000-square-foot production plant and corporate headquarters at 4455 Griffith St., Saint-Laurent, QC.

The groundbreaking facility is designed to comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), a standard developed by the World Health Organization in 1968 and adopted by 100 countries since then. Compliance is vital to produce Proventus’ bio-infused products for applications like probiotics, agricultural formulations, and treatments for waste management and pollution control, which are all included in food industry requirements.

Company founders Mr. Vincent Delorenzo and Peter Bozel shed light on the company’s significant progress during the announcement in the past seven years. They cited the industry’s broad acceptance of Proventus’ technology and the increasing demand for its products as driving factors behind this massive expansion.

“The inauguration of this facility is slated for August, marking a pivotal moment for Proventus as we introduce innovative, first-in-class sustainable microbial formulations that can be utilized across a broad range of industries,” commented Delorenzo and Bozel. They expressed excitement about the potential of new products like biostimulants and bio-protectants, which could significantly impact agriculture and the remediation of polluted soils.

The founders further discussed the company’s bold plans for new products, emphasizing that their unique technology solution for remediating polluted waters and soils and enhancing sound agricultural production practices set them apart. They reported daily validation of its effectiveness in farmers’ fields and respected research institutions across Canada.

Continued innovation is a top priority for Proventus, as demonstrated by acquiring cutting-edge equipment like solid-state fermenters and high-capacity freeze dryers. The company’s advanced methods allow them to formulate and stabilize viruses, bacteria, and fungi for optimal activity under varying environmental conditions.

Leading plant scientist Dr. George Lazarovits, who holds international recognition in the field, will head the Proventus Scientific Advisory Board.

The launch of this state-of-the-art production facility and headquarters signifies a significant milestone for Proventus Bioscience, solidifying its position as a leader in biotech and marking an exciting new chapter in its journey toward a sustainable future.

Image provided by Proventus Bioscience

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