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Israeli Agtech Company Viridix Raises $4.1M for Precision Irrigation

Viridix Funding Round

Viridix, an Israeli agtech company, has raised $4.1 million in its latest funding round, attracting support from undisclosed investors and venture capital firms. Founded in 2016, Viridix specializes in precision irrigation technology, providing a solution that helps growers save water, boost crop yields, improve crop quality, and increase profits.

The company’s core technology, Root Sense, is a real-time soil moisture sensing system coupled with a comprehensive software package. This innovative approach allows growers to accurately gauge the moisture levels experienced by plant roots and make well-informed irrigation decisions based on the plants’ actual needs.

In a recent case study, Viridix demonstrated the successful use of its Irrigation Optimization Decisions (IOD) system in conserving water and enhancing crop yields. The results showcased a 30% water savings while maintaining optimal crop growth.

The funds raised in this latest round will likely be used to expand the company’s operations and support further research and development of its cutting-edge technology. Viridix’s precision irrigation system has the potential to revolutionize agriculture practices by helping farmers efficiently manage their water resources and enhance crop production.

With the growing global demand for sustainable agricultural solutions, Viridix’s innovative approach to precision irrigation stands out as an environmentally friendly and efficient solution. As the company continues to develop its technology, it is well-positioned to address farmers’ challenges and contribute to sustainable agriculture worldwide.

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