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LST Secures Further sensorGROW Trials & Files Patent For nurturGROW

LST secures trials & files patent for nurturGROW in the UK

Light Science Technologies (LST), a leader in agritech, recently announced that it has contracts for two further sensorGROW experiments and files patent for nurturGROW

If the contracts are successful, which include one with a well-known UK brand of preserves, marmalades, and related goods, they might develop into subscriptions and generate recurring income of up to £167,000 over the course of three years. These trials are additional to those that were revealed in September and could be worth up to £940,000. LST continues to discuss sensorGROW studies with a number of other growers.

The all-in-one growing intelligence tool introduced earlier this year aims to give indoor farmers improved environmental management. Its advantages include decreased use of water, nutrients, fertilizers, and energy, as well as increased yields, healthier crops, and decreased waste.

LST has also submitted a PCT patent application to the Intellectual Property Office for its nurturGROW “tuneable” luminaire, which uses its ground-breaking LED grow lighting technology. Any indoor grower can use the slimline-designed grow lamp to modify the lighting output to minimize energy expenses and to precisely tailor the light emission spectrums to correspond to a crop’s growth cycle, enabling the grower to select the best lighting conditions for a variety of crops.

NurturGROW is especially suited for usage in a closed, climate-controlled growing facility and can maximize space because to its lower profile and custom length, making it ideal for vertical farms and other multi-layer growth applications. It can give up to 2.8 umol of efficacy, which helps to reduce energy consumption and operational expenses while maintaining performance.

Simon Deacon, CEO and founder of Light Science Technologies, said: “We remain focused on growing recurring revenues by providing technology, data collection, advisory and maintenance services for the CEA market. Our product range is steadily expanding and we very much look forward to building on our recent momentum.”

“We’re experiencing strong growth as the sector looks to grow produce more intelligently and sustainably, as global food security becomes more of a critical issue. COP27 is seeking to put more pressure on governments to urgently adopt a shift in thinking to rebuild the broken food system; this in turn will only create more demand for products and technology that offer an energy and cost-efficient solution, reducing reliance on imports.”

Image provided by Light Science Technologies

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