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Lystek Furthers Fertilizer Production Amid Global Shortages

In response to the worldwide fertilizer shortages and the growing demand for locally produced, sustainable alternatives, Lystek International has expanded the production of its LysteGro® product. This development comes when farmers seek alternatives to traditional chemical and synthetic fertilizers, which have become either excessively costly or unavailable.

Addressing a Global Need

The increased demand for LysteGro can be attributed to various factors, including extreme weather events and a global transition toward more sustainable agriculture. Lystek’s patented technology, Lystek THP®, converts municipal biosolids and non-hazardous organic residuals into Class A quality fertilizer, LysteGro.

LysteGro is a concentrated liquid fertilizer sold for bulk application to local farmers. Regulatory bodies in Canada and California recognize it, which has been marketed as an affordable commercial fertilizer replacement.

A Year of Expansion

2022 marked a year of growth for Lystek, with the company scaling operations to manage, sell, and apply 35% more fertilizer than the previous year. This amounted to 80 Million US gallons (>300,000 m3 per year).

The expansion included the addition of new facilities and the growth of existing Organic Material Recovery Centers (OMRC) in critical areas like Southern Ontario, Greater Toronto, and Northern California.

Impact in California

Since its introduction to the California marketplace in early 2017, LysteGro has seen steady growth in annual sales. The extended drought in California has driven a transition to more sustainable farming practices, resulting in increased demand for LysteGro.

Feedback Shared By The Company

Several industry experts and farmers have commented on Lystek’s efforts:

  • “LysteGro is helping farmers in the region make the most out of their acres with increasing crop yields.” – Lloyd Brubacher, LysteGro Program Manager, Highland Custom Farms
  • “LysteGro is a useful and innovative solution for sustainable farming.” – Harvey Martin, Owner, and President, Saugeen Agri Services

However, it’s worth noting that the long-term impact and broader acceptance of LysteGro as a replacement for traditional fertilizers remain to be seen. As with any new technology or product, continued monitoring and evaluation will be essential to gauge its effectiveness and sustainability.

Photo by Ries Bosch on Unsplash 

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