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MGI and Gencell Forge Strategic Partnership

MGI and Gencell collaborate to boost genomic research in LATAM, leveraging DNBSEQ technology and regional expertise for enhanced patient care
Key Takeaways:
  • MGI and Gencell announce a strategic partnership, combining MGI’s advanced DNBSEQ technology and Gencell’s regional expertise.
  • The partnership aims to address the growing demand for NGS technologies in Latin America for cancer diagnosis, genetic screening, and personalized treatments.
  • With two molecular labs in Bogota, Colombia, Gencell can process about 1,500 exome sequencing and 1,000 whole genome sequencing cases monthly.
  • Andrés Zapata of Gencell highlights the partnership’s significance in advancing genomic studies in LATAM.
  • Yongwei Zhang of MGI emphasizes the potential clinical applications emerging from affordable sequencing.

Shenzhen-based MGI Tech Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Gencell, a prominent molecular biology and genetic services provider in Colombia and the broader LATAM region. This collaboration melds MGI’s state-of-the-art sequencers rooted in DNBSEQ technology with Gencell’s market expertise to amplify data analysis capabilities.

Latin America has become a global focal point in the contemporary health landscape. An amplified awareness of precision medicine, a mounting prevalence of genetic disorders, and the urgency for advanced diagnostics and individualized treatments have catalyzed the adoption of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies in LATAM. However, financial constraints elevated instrument and maintenance costs, historically impeding growth. As the demand for NGS testing, particularly in cancer diagnosis and genetic screening, becomes increasingly pronounced, LATAM businesses prioritize enhancing laboratory NGS-testing capacities. Labs, in reciprocity, are honing in on affordable solutions and accelerating sample processing to cater to this surge in demand.

Positioned as a front-runner in sequencing services, Gencell operates out of two molecular labs in Bogota, Colombia. Their capacity, currently processing approximately 1500 whole exome sequencing and 1000 whole genome sequencing cases monthly, is on an upward trajectory. This growth aligns with Colombia’s ambition to cement its reputation as a regional leader in genomics, thereby augmenting its national medical prowess and expertise.

General Manager of Gencell, Andrés Zapata, conveyed, “LATAM is morphing into a strategic hotspot for genomic studies, granting us profound insights into regional diseases. By harnessing the potential of NGS, we’re trailblazing a path to enriched comprehension of health and disorders, paving the way for bespoke medical solutions tailored to our population’s unique genetic needs.” He remarked on the collaboration with MGI, “MGI is an invaluable ally as they resonate with the challenges LATAM NGS entities and labs grapple with. Their technological prowess is instrumental in bolstering genomics research and applications in LATAM.”

Echoing this sentiment, Yongwei Zhang, General Manager of MGI LATAM region, stated, “Affordable sequencing will unlock many clinical applications in LATAM. Our joint aspiration of bolstering human health via genomic research will materialize, ushering in enhanced cancer therapies, longevity breakthroughs, revolutionary medicines, and vaccines.”

As part of their collaboration, Gencell has integrated a comprehensive workflow from MGI, including high-end sequencers like DNBSEQ-T7RS and DNBSEQ-G400RS, lab automation tools MGISP960 and MGISP100, and the data platform appliance, ZTRON. Through amalgamating their strengths, MGI and Gencell pledge their allegiance to the swift adoption of avant-garde sequencing technologies, aiming for unmatched patient care across the region.

MGI, with its headquarters in Shenzhen, is dedicated to pioneering the domain of life science through its intelligent innovations. With a global presence spanning 90 countries, MGI serves over 2,000 customers. More details can be accessed on MGI’s official website and its social media handles on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Image provided by MGI

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