ManaTech: Championing Impact AgriFoodTech Startups in LATAM
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ManaTech: Championing Impact AgriFoodTech Startups in LATAM

Mana Tech’s International Investor Readiness program, a groundbreaking initiative in the AgriFoodTech sector, is pioneering opportunities for startups in Latin America (LATAM). This region accounts for around 16% of global food and agriculture exports. Spearheaded by Israeli billionaire and real estate magnate Moishe Mana, ManaTech’s mission is transforming Downtown Miami into the premier hub of international entrepreneurship in the Americas.

Mana Tech was conceived as part of Mana’s vision to create an international platform for innovation. The magnate, known for revolutionizing Downtown Miami, has invested half a billion dollars in acquiring 75 properties to transform the districts into a global tech hub, positioning it as a potent rival to Silicon Valley and New York.

Moishe Mana
Moishe Manage. Image provided by Manatech


A Commitment to Emerging Startups

Mana Tech strategically focuses on high-potential LATAM startups in their pre-series A stages, providing substantial growth opportunities through effective programs and showcasing their work at cutting-edge events. It aims to create a thriving ecosystem for international startups, offering them the resources, networking opportunities, and mentorship necessary to propel their businesses to the next level.

International Investor Readiness Impact Agri-Food Tech Program

The International Investor Readiness Agri-Food Tech program has been launched in partnership with Mana Agro, a sister company heavily involved in agriculture. With ownership of over 1,000 hectares of productive land in LATAM and a majority stake in, Mana Agro brings significant agricultural expertise and resources to the table.

This innovative program has collaborated with 43 venture capital firms in the AgriFoodTech sector, including renowned names like Yield Lab, Chile Global Ventures, Lever VC, Acelera LATAM, Food Ventures, and SP Ventures. These firms have referred twelve impact food & agtech startups shortlisted for the program.

Virtual Demo Day: A Platform for Innovation

ManaTech is set to host a virtual Demo Day on June 15th at noon (EST), providing a platform for these shortlisted startups to introduce themselves to US and international investors. The event promises to showcase some of the most innovative companies in the AgriFoodTech sector.

The lineup includes companies like AgroUrbana, the first vertical farming company in LATAM, based in Chile; Gestao Agropecuaria, a Brazilian company that uses data collection and analysis to enhance decision-making for farmers; F4F (Food for Future), a Chilean company that upcycles organic waste into high-value, sustainable, and nutritious feed ingredients; Agrotoken, an Argentinean tokenization platform that leverages blockchain technology to create stable coins backed by tangible assets; and, a FoodTech company that utilizes data science and algorithms to expedite product development in the food industry.

“Participating in the Mana Tech program has been a very enriching and challenging experience. We have gone through various webinar sessions with experts on topics relevant to building a successful entrepreneur, such as establishing a company in the American market, defining relevant indicators for impact businesses, and legal issues pertinent to those seeking funding outside their country.” commented Barbara Correa Lotzniker, Executive Director of People and Operations at Ponta “Additionally, we have had several opportunities to practice pitching our business and improve our content. The ultimate goal is to secure investment resources, but the journey will provide us with a wealth of knowledge we can apply.”

ManaTech, committed to transforming the LATAM AgriFoodTech landscape, creates a dynamic platform for startups to thrive and innovate. By leveraging partnerships with other industry leaders, it is set to redefine the region’s future of food and agriculture technology. The vision of Moishe Mana and his team is not just to create a global tech hub but to pioneer a movement that will drive sustainable growth and technological advancement in the LATAM Impact sector.

Interested in securing your spot? Simply click the link below. The registration process will take 2 minutes maximum:

Image provided by Manatech

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