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Micropep Technologies Reports Successful Field Tests for New Biofungicide Micropeptide Ingredient

Micropep Technologies

Micropep Technologies has announced the successful efficacy results of its new biofungicide micropeptide ingredient during the 2022 field testing season. The tests demonstrated a high level of control against various diseases, showing the potential for micropeptides as a safe and efficient alternative to conventional crop protection.

Compared to some conventional chemicals, micropeptides are effective at doses that are 1/10th to 1/100th smaller. This development comes at a crucial time, as farmers are losing crop protection tools faster than they are being replaced, leading to an urgent need for safe and sustainable solutions to establish food security.

The biological fungicides market is projected to reach USD 4.9 billion by 2030. Micropep’s MPD-01 product is now advancing into the development phase, where new formulations and application timing will be tested to best position it within existing agronomic programs.

The neuropeptide design platform developed by Micropep Technologies has achieved a 100-fold improvement in cost compared to chemical synthesis. Additionally, it selects the best micro peptide candidates based on their production yield potential.

With the successful field testing of its bio fungicide micro peptide ingredient, Micropep Technologies is on track to offer a novel, cost-effective, and sustainable solution for crop protection, helping to secure the future of food production worldwide.

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