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Mosa Meat Becomes First Cultivated Meat Company to Earn B Corp™ Certification

Key Takeaways

  1. Mosa Meat has become the first cultivated meat company to achieve B Corp™ Certification, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to sustainability.
  2. The company was founded in 2016 and gained international acclaim for introducing the world’s first cultivated beef hamburger.
  3. The B Corp™ Certification process assessed Mosa Meat on various parameters, including governance, environmental practices, and workers’ welfare.
  4. According to an independent study, Mosa Meat aims to reduce the climate impact by 92%, air pollution by 93%, and land and water use by 95% and 78%.

Mosa Meat, a pioneer in cultivated beef production, announced its achievement of becoming a Certified B Corporation™. This certification underscores the company’s dedication to creating a more sustainable food system and collaborating with partners, investors, and suppliers who prioritize business as a force for good.

A Milestone in Sustainable Practices

Founded in 2016, Mosa Meat first gained international attention in 2013 when its founders, Mark Post and Peter Verstrate, unveiled the world’s first cultivated beef hamburger. The B Corp™ Certification validates Mosa Meat’s mission to reshape the global food system fundamentally. It also highlights the company’s environmental and social performance, commitment to accountability, and leadership in driving economic systems change.

CEO’s Statement

Maarten Bosch, CEO of Mosa Meat, expressed his enthusiasm about the certification: “This certification validates our commitment to sustainable practices and ethical foundations. It also strengthens our position as trendsetters in the global cellular agriculture movement.”

Celebrity Endorsement

Leonardo DiCaprio, an advisor and investor in Mosa Meat, praised the company’s efforts: “Mosa Meat continues to be a champion for change. I am proud to see them become the first cultivated meat company in the world to achieve B Corp Certification.”

Rigorous Certification Process

To earn B Corp™ Certification, businesses undergo a comprehensive evaluation that includes performance, accountability, and social and environmental impact transparency. The company excelled in two Impact Business Models (IBMs): ‘Resource Conservation’ and ‘Mission Locked,’ considered even more challenging than the B Corp™ Certification.

Environmental Impact

According to an independent, peer-reviewed Life Cycle Analysis study, the company’s cultivated beef production could drastically reduce environmental impacts. The study suggests a reduction of climate impact by 92%, air pollution by 93%, land use by 95%, and water use by 78% compared to traditional beef production. The company also uses 100% renewable energy at its production facility.

Health and Safety Benefits

The automated process of cultivated meat production and the clean manufacturing environment will significantly reduce the need for antibiotics and the risk of pathogens, contaminants, and foodborne illnesses associated with intensive animal farming.

Image provided by Mosa Meat

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