Nature Coatings secures $2.45 million in Seed funding for their innovative, bio-based solution BioBlack TX
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Nature Coatings: Transforming Waste into a Sustainable Future

Nature Coatings is a leading biochemical company dedicated to transforming waste materials into bio-based, safe, and renewable solutions that are environmentally friendly and commercially viable. The company’s recent accomplishment of completing an oversubscribed $2.45 million Seed funding round is a testament to its vision, innovation, and commitment to creating a more sustainable future.

The funding round was led by Regeneration.VC and The 22 Fund, and have garnered significant attention due to their focus on supporting innovative alternatives that reduce environmental impact. Notably, the investment also boasts participation from renowned actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio, Safer Made, and Portfolio, emphasizing the broad recognition and endorsement of Nature Coatings’ mission.

Central to Nature Coatings’ success is its flagship product, BioBlack TX. This groundbreaking dispersion stands as a carbon-negative and high-performing alternative to traditional petroleum-derived carbon black, known for its harmful impact on the environment and health. BioBlack TX’s unique composition is entirely bio-based, harnessing a black pigment sourced from FSC-certified wood waste. This solution has been embraced by prominent fashion brands such as the Kering Group, Levi’s, Bestseller Jack & Jones, Selected HOMME, and Vollebak.

Jane Palmer, the Founder, and CEO of Nature Coatings, brings over two decades of experience in the pigment and dyes industry to the company’s vision. Her motivation to develop safer and more environmentally friendly alternatives reflects a deep commitment to responsible innovation. Palmer’s aspiration to create a future where the chemical industry operates in harmony with nature is a driving force behind Nature Coatings’ accomplishments, and the recent investment will undoubtedly propel the company further toward this goal.

The recent injection of funds will enable Nature Coatings to accelerate the adoption of BioBlack TX by expanding manufacturing capabilities, bolstering the senior team, and establishing a global distribution network. As the company’s growth trajectory intensifies, its impact on various industries will likely be transformative.

Since its inception in 2017, Nature Coatings has showcased a remarkable commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship. BioBlack TX eliminates the need for fossil fuels and sequesters more carbon dioxide than it emits, thereby aiding companies in their decarbonization efforts. Additionally, the solution’s focus on human well-being through the absence of harmful compounds such as Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and carcinogens, as well as its minimal Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), positions it as a benchmark for responsible manufacturing.

The versatility of BioBlack TX is yet another facet of its innovation. Its applicability spans industries such as textiles, paints, automotive, and package printing, showcasing its potential to usher in a new era of sustainable practices across diverse sectors.

Nature Coatings stands as an example of how innovation, dedication, and collaboration can pave the way for a more sustainable and responsible future. Through its pioneering product BioBlack TX, the company has demonstrated that eco-friendly alternatives can be both environmentally impactful and economically viable. As Nature Coatings continues its journey of reshaping industries and championing sustainable solutions, it serves as an inspiration to businesses and individuals alike, reminding us all of the power of innovation in creating a greener world.

Image provided by Nature Coatings

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