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Nutrition Technologies Launches Diptia™, a Bioactive Fertilizer

Leading Agtech company, Nutrition Technologies, launches Diptia™ biofertilizer from insect frass

Nutrition Technologies, an innovative insect sector company, announced its new bioactive organic fertilizer, Diptia™, on May 5, 2023. Diptia™ is designed and formulated to combat fungal plant diseases and protect soil from infection. Derived from Black Soldier Fly (BSF) frass, Diptia™ is a patent-pending product that has been composted and enhanced with a microbial biocontrol agent and insect chitin.

The Black Soldier Fly larvae (Hermetia illucens) possess powerful antifungal properties due to their tropical origin and competition with fungi for the same nutrients. Diptia™ provides a natural and potent alternative to traditional methods of combating plant diseases, utilizing multiple modes of action to prevent pathogens from reaching plant roots and improving plant defenses.

In addition to its plant health benefits, Diptia™ is an excellent organic fertilizer with an attractive NPK profile, carbon content, and rich micronutrients. In addition, the high microbial activity of the product improves both soil structure and health, making it a valuable addition to any agricultural operation.

Nutrition Technologies uses a unique method in Malaysia to produce valuable products for livestock and agriculture. They use a low-energy tropical production system that involves micro-organisms and Black Soldier Flies to bioconvert 60,000 tonnes of organic by-products. Due to the ambient Malaysian climate, the BSF larvae grow quickly and efficiently, requiring little energy for growth or breeding. This process results in competitively priced insect products without compromising quality or safety.

Diptia™ directly addresses two of the world’s most economically dangerous plant pathogens – Ganoderma in oil palms and Fusarium oxysporum in bananas. In addition, as the global insect protein market continues to grow, estimated to be worth US$343 million in 2021 with a CAGR of 26.49% projected to reach US$1.3 billion by 2027, Nutrition Technologies’ Diptia™ is poised to make a significant impact in sustainable agriculture and plant health.

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