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SolRiver Capital Unveils Groundbreaking Agrisolar Initiative

SolRiver Capital Unveils Groundbreaking Agrisolar Initiative

The leading renewable energy investment firm, SolRiver Capital, unveiled its innovative Solar Project, the Canyonville Solar Project. This initiative marries sustainable energy production with traditional agricultural practices in a first-of-its-kind effort under the Oregon Community Solar Program in Douglas County. This endeavor will allow residents in the area and across Oregon to reduce their monthly energy expenses.

Carefully designed to minimize the impact on the surrounding landscape, wildlife, and neighborhood aesthetics, the Myrtle Creek project will utilize agricultural land for solar energy generation while remaining hidden from public view. This initiative will be a leap towards energy self-reliance for the local community.

The Canyonville Solar Project has been structured to accommodate all community members, not limited to homeowners with spacious roofs for solar panels. Whether they’re renters, business owners, or operate commercial premises, community members can subscribe to the program and start benefiting from solar power. This inclusivity ensures everyone can save on energy bills and contribute to a more vital community spirit.

A series of Agricola features have been planned for integration into the project. These initiatives will harmoniously blend sustainable farming with solar energy, creating a future where energy autonomy and environmental preservation coexist.

The key highlights of the Canyonville Solar Project include the following:

  1. Simultaneous Solar & Agriculture: Strategically positioning solar panels will support the growth of specific crops, ensuring efficient land use and bolstering food production in tandem with renewable energy generation.
  2. Natural Grass Management: Instead of resorting to mechanical mowers, local goats and other grazing animals will control overgrown grass, a solution beneficial for both the animals and the environment.
  3. Support for Bees: Given the decline in bee populations, bee hive boxes will be maintained on-site, supporting local beekeepers and boosting agricultural benefits across the county.
  4. Wildlife-Friendly Infrastructure: Special fences will allow smaller animals like turtles, squirrels, and bunnies to move freely through the site while preventing larger animals, such as cattle, from entering.
  5. Biodiversity Boost: The initiative will encourage diverse ecosystems, with native plants and pollinator-friendly vegetation being introduced, promoting ecological balance and the thriving of local wildlife.

SolRiver Capital encourages all Oregon residents to embrace the community solar revolution by subscribing to the Canyonville Solar Project. By doing so, they can actively participate in the transition to clean energy, bolster local agriculture, stimulate sustainable development, and help the community take a significant step towards energy independence. Progress and updates on the project can be tracked via their Facebook page.

Photo by Chelsea on Unsplash 

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