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Oppy Enters First Vertical Farming Partnership, Boosting Sustainable Produce Offerings

Up Vertical Farms Launches Vertical Farm In Canada

UP Vertical Farms™ is a Canadian company that has developed a unique solution to the challenges faced by traditional farming methods. The company is launching Canada’s first touchless, high-density vertical farm, which aims to become the world’s largest and most sustainable vertical farm by 2023.

UP Vertical Farms’ fully automated system allows for significantly higher yields, faster production, and better quality control with minimal environmental impact. The farm uses recycled CO2 and proprietary lighting technology to produce custom brix levels and flavor profiles. Additionally, it uses 99% less land, water, fertilizer, and packaging plastic than traditional farming methods. Bahram Rashti, the co-founder of UP Vertical Farms, stated that their company is excited to take vertical farming to the next level and provide consumers with better-tasting and longer-lasting greens by next year. According to Rashti, the company’s fully automated system is set to revolutionize the agriculture industry by enabling higher yields, faster production, and better quality control to produce locally grown greens sustainably.


The company’s first phase of operations is set to launch in the spring of 2022 in B.C.’s Lower Mainland, with an expected production of just under 1 million kilograms of salad greens per year. The gardens come in various blends for salads, dishes, sandwiches, and garnishes, and the company can fully customize packs specific to the individual needs of retailers and restaurants. Aaron Quon, the Executive Director of Greenhouse and Canadian Category Development, expressed excitement over their entry into the vertical farming industry and their ability to provide fresh and innovative options to their retail partners. Quon added that Bahram and Shahram Rashti, the co-founders of UP Vertical Farms, are dedicated to utilizing the latest and most sustainable technology in controlled environment agriculture to produce the freshest produce possible. Quon concluded by expressing their enthusiasm to partner with UP Vertical Farms and leverage their expertise to provide their customers with the best viable product.

UP Vertical Farms has partnered with Oppy to allow consumers to purchase UP super greens from a range of retailers in 2022. The company’s innovative approach to agriculture has the potential to transform the industry worldwide, offering a sustainable solution to the challenges faced by traditional farming methods.

Image provided by Oppy

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