Motif FoodWorks Partners With IngredientWerks
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Motif FoodWorks Partners With IngredientWerks To Scale Its Portfolio

Motif FoodWorks, a food science company focused on creating plant-based alternatives to animal-based foods, has partnered with IngredientWerks, a molecular farming company specializing in crop protein production. The partnership aims to explore innovative ways to optimize heme protein production through molecular farming. Heme protein is an essential component of meat that gives it its unique flavor and aroma.

Motif FoodWorks has been using precision fermentation technology to produce HEMAMI™, which provides plant-based meats with the same meaty flavor and aroma as their animal-based counterparts. However, with increasing number of companies using this technology, production capacity is becoming a limiting factor. As a result, Motif is exploring molecular farming as an additional technology solution for ingredient production.

IngredientWerks is an ideal partner for this project, as they specialize in molecular farming and crop protein production to create high-value plant-based proteins for alternative protein markets. Through their partnership, the two companies conduct an exploratory study to recreate Motif’s bovine myoglobin in corn. The goal is to use broad acre crops like corn to produce HEMAMI™, which could lower production costs and reduce the carbon footprint of manufacturing the ingredient.


According to Michael Leonard, the CEO of Motif FoodWorks, precision fermentation is an amazing process that enables them to develop innovative ingredients without relying on animals. As the company expands, they are considering multiple solutions to increase their production capabilities. Incorporating molecular farming and crop-based protein production into their arsenal of approaches could be a crucial addition, allowing them to utilize the most effective solution at the appropriate moment to create the next era of food.

Crop protein production could revolutionize the alternative protein market by making it more environmentally sustainable and cost-effective. By reducing the need for precision fermentation technology, crop protein production could make plant-based meats more accessible to consumers and reduce the overall impact of the food industry on the environment. The partnership between Motif FoodWorks and IngredientWerks could be a significant step toward creating a more sustainable and equitable food supply chain.

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