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Priva Latest News: Aranet Wireless Sensors Now Fully Integrated with Priva Connext

Priva-Aranet Wireless Sensors Now Fully Integrated with Priva Climate Computer Control Software

Key Takeaways:

  • Priva-Aranet’s wireless sensors can now be fully integrated with Priva’s climate computer control software, Priva Connext & Compact CC.
  • The wireless sensors enhance monitoring capabilities within greenhouses, allowing for precise climate control at every location.
  • Practical applications include managing temperature, humidity, and soil moisture, crucial for optimizing growing conditions and yields.

Integration of Wireless Technology in Greenhouse Management:

Priva-Aranet has announced that its wireless sensors are fully integrated with the Priva Connext & Compact CC climate computer control software, offering greenhouse producers advanced monitoring and control capabilities over their growing environments.

Enhanced Climate Control:

With the increasing size of greenhouses and the importance of minor variations in growing conditions, producers seek to control the climate precisely at every location. The wireless sensors by Priva-Aranet facilitate this by allowing for multiple measurements in a single control strategy based on minimum, maximum, or average values.

Practical Applications and Benefits:

The wireless sensors provide real-time data on temperature and humidity levels, vital for preventing plant condensation—a common issue when temperatures approach the dew point. Additionally, PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) sensors help optimize light conditions, even in shaded areas, by adjusting shading screens based on the highest measured values.

Soil Moisture Monitoring:

Wireless sensors can measure soil moisture levels at various locations for potted plants, enabling growers to adjust irrigation to the driest measurements. This technology is also beneficial for soil-grown crops and other substrates.

Testimonial from the Industry:

Marcel van der Voort, co-owner of the pot lily and chrysanthemum production company Van Schie, attests to the benefits of the mobile wireless sensors, noting how they provide localized information on crop responses to climatic and lighting changes.

Priva Latest News

Priva and Koidra Announce Partnership to Accelerate Autonomous Greenhouses (2023/10/17)

Priva and Koidra, two leaders in greenhouse automation, have partnered up to accelerate the evolution of autonomous greenhouses. This will revolutionize the Controlled Environment Agriculture sector by combining Priva’s climate control systems with Koidra’s intelligent automation software. The partnership offers an unparalleled solution in the market, resulting in increased flexibility, integration, and collaboration for customers in the greenhouse industry.

Priva and IUNU Expand Partnership for AI-Driven Growing (2023/10/05)

Priva and IUNU are expanding their partnership to focus on AI-driven growing for controlled environment agriculture. The collaboration combines Priva’s climate control systems with IUNU’s cutting-edge computer vision and AI technology. The goal is to provide growers with flexible oversight and control for profitable and efficient growth. IUNU recently launched the world’s only closed-loop AI system for autonomous growing, and integrating this technology with Priva’s climate control systems allows growers to focus on profitability. Priva is developing a cloud-based system and comprehensive dashboard that allows growers to integrate third-party solutions easily. Integrating Priva’s systems with IUNU’s computer vision system ensures growers have access to robust data connections and innovative technology.

Priva & Blue Radix to Strengthen Alliance for Autonomous Greenhouse Solutions (2023/06/14)

Priva and Blue Radix have recently signed an agreement to provide enhanced services for greenhouse growers worldwide. Their partnership promises robust data connectivity, consistent service, and ongoing improvement of functionalities. The collaboration would guarantee a robust, interconnected solution for all growers using Priva’s process computers, enabling them to maximize the potential of their data and optimize operational efficiency.

Equilibrium Capital & Priva Ink Partnership For a New Asia Climate-Tech (2022/10/28)

Priva and Equilibrium Capital have partnered to develop a climate management solution for next-generation horticulture in SE Asia. The project will begin in Singapore with a hybrid greenhouse production and climate technology R&D facility to develop integrated solutions suitable for large-scale production in different SE Asia countries facing similar climate conditions. The joint targets are to set a 20% increase in energy productivity per kilo by the end of 2024, and as much as 50% by the end of 2027. This partnership aims to decrease energy use per kilo of crop output and increase the quality and quantity of food production while supporting a sustainable greenhouse operation.

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