Raven Industries' showcase at the Farm Progress Show 2023 highlights their commitment to advancing agriculture through innovative solutions.
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Raven Industries’ Innovations in AgTech

In the ever-evolving landscape of agriculture, technology continues to be a driving force in revolutionizing how farmers operate, optimize productivity, and prepare for the future. Raven Industries, a stalwart in innovation and agricultural technology solutions, stands at the forefront of this transformation. With a steadfast commitment to empowering farmers with efficient solutions, Raven Industries is set to unveil its latest advancements at the Farm Progress Show 2023. These innovations showcase Raven’s dedication to customer-focused innovation and highlight its strategic steps on the “Path to Autonomy.”

Harvesting operations have always demanded precision and synchronization between grain carts and combined operators to ensure maximum profitability and efficiency. Raven Industries addresses this challenge head-on with its cutting-edge Raven Cart Automation™ technology. By seamlessly synchronizing the heading and speed of the cart with the combine during the unload on-the-go operation, Raven Cart Automation significantly reduces the stress on operators.

The technology simplifies this intricate process, benefiting operators of all skill levels. With local radio frequency facilitating effective synchronization, Raven Cart Automation ensures a smooth and reliable automated operation. This enhances operator experience and significantly reduces grain spillage, ultimately boosting profitability for farmers. The technology, available for pre-orders, demonstrates Raven’s commitment to creating solutions that optimize all aspects of the cash crop cycle.

Incorporating electric-drive automatic guidance, Raven’s DirecSteer™ technology is a testament to the company’s relentless pursuit of practical autonomy solutions. By providing an off-the-shelf aftermarket solution, DirecSteer brings simplicity and silence to autosteer functions. This technology liberates drivers from the complexities of steering and allows them to focus on other critical aspects of their agricultural operations.

The innovation’s noise-free guidance system and competitive pricing ensure highly accurate steering across varying conditions. DirecSteer illustrates Raven’s commitment to developing technologies that bridge the gap between manual and autonomous operations, making the journey toward autonomy feasible and practical.

Agricultural efficiency is intricately tied to the precision of application technologies. Raven Industries recognizes this connection and has developed the Raven Sense & Act™ solution suite. This suite combines cutting-edge innovations with existing industry-leading technologies to deliver unparalleled precision and efficiency in spray applications.

Raven Sense & Act elevates precision spraying through integrated automation. Artificial intelligence and camera vision enable farmers and ag retailers to achieve the highest application quality while optimizing input usage. Complex operations and decisions are executed at remarkable speeds, revolutionizing the efficiency and precision of spraying and spreading applications. The incorporation of Augmenta® technology enhances the stack further, infusing AI and camera vision to automate input rate control and optimize various spraying and spreading applications.

Ben Voss, Raven’s Director of Sales, aptly emphasizes that the “Path to Autonomy” is a journey that requires strategic steps towards embracing automation and preparing for an autonomous future. Raven Industries is dedicated to accompanying farmers on this journey, providing the tools, technologies, and solutions that enable them to progress intentionally toward autonomy.

Raven will showcase its latest advancements at the Farm Progress Show 2023 as part of its commitment. Attendees can explore these innovations at Raven’s booth and demo areas. By placing pre-orders for Raven Cart Automation and engaging with Raven’s comprehensive product portfolio, attendees can chart their paths toward autonomy.

Raven Industries has consistently demonstrated its dedication to advancing farming through innovation and technology. With a history of high-value products and systems that enhance operational efficiencies, Raven continues to push the boundaries of possibility. As a subsidiary of CNH Industrial, the company is well-positioned to drive transformation in the agriculture and construction industries.

The innovations unveiled at the Farm Progress Show 2023 underscore Raven Industries’ commitment to empowering farmers with tools that address current challenges and prepare them for a future where autonomous operations will redefine the agricultural landscape. Through Raven’s technology-driven solutions, the future of farming looks promising, efficient, and autonomous.

Image provided by Raven Industries

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