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Renaissance BioScience Partners with Certis Belchim

Renaissance BioScience and Certis Belchim team up to develop an RNAi-based biopesticide, championing eco-friendly agricultural solutions.
Key Takeaways
  • Renaissance BioScience has signed a joint development agreement (JDA) with Certis Belchim, both industry leaders in their respective fields.
  • The partnership aims to develop an eco-friendly biopesticide using Renaissance’s yeast-based RNA interference (RNAi) technology.
  • The new technology holds promise for a targeted approach to address agricultural challenges.
  • Both companies express enthusiasm and commitment to providing sustainable solutions for agriculture.
  • The collaboration enhances the mission of Certis Belchim’s rational platform and showcases Renaissance’s innovative approach to bioengineering.

In a recent announcement, Renaissance BioScience, a forerunner in bioengineering microbes for the agriculture and food sectors, declared its new partnership with Certis Belchim. Both organizations have penned a joint development agreement (JDA) that lays the foundation for an ambitious project. The collaboration focuses on developing an environmentally friendly biopesticide, leveraging the yeast-based RNA interference (RNAi) platform technology from Renaissance.

The RNAi technology, known for its revolutionary approach, promises to deliver targeted solutions for the myriad challenges faced in agriculture. Both companies are united by their vision of offering sustainable, eco-friendly solutions for pest management, underlining the importance of protecting crops and the environment.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. John Husnik, Renaissance’s CSO and Office of the CEO, remarked, “Working with Certis Belchim, a powerhouse in crop protection and biocontrol innovation, is a significant milestone for us. Our collective goal is to develop a yeast-based RNAi biopesticide that’s both effective and safe for the environment.”

Echoing the sentiment, Jan Mostert, Head of Biorational Projects at Certis Belchim, said, “Sustainable agriculture is at the core of our endeavors at Certis Belchim. Renaissance’s RNA interference technology aligns with our vision, offering products that balance crop protection and environmental conservation. This project strengthens our rational platform, and we’re eager to collaborate with the talented team at Renaissance on this innovative initiative.”

About Certis Belchim BV

Emerging from the merger between Certis Europe B.V. and Belchim Crop Protection NV/SA in 2022, Certis Belchim stands as a formidable force in crop protection. With an amalgamation of strengths from both businesses, Certis Belchim excels in product development, registration, marketing, and technical expertise. Its robust presence spans Europe and extends to North America, with growing affiliations in Africa, South America, and Asia. 

About Renaissance BioScience Corp.

From Vancouver, Canada, Renaissance BioScience Corp. is at the forefront of bioengineering solutions. The company is renowned for its platform technologies, which pave the way for functional microorganisms designed to tackle environmental, health, and industrial challenges. Catering to diverse industries such as food & beverage, agriculture, health, and energy, Renaissance continues to redefine bioengineering. 

Image provided by Renaissance BioScience

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