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Report Outlines Opportunities For Quantum in AgTech

Report Outlines Opportunities For Quantum in AgTech

The Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) released a report titled “Quantum Information Sciences (QIS) in Washington State.” The report aims to solidify the state’s established expertise in quantum computing & highlight prospects for specialization, QIS workforce development, and collaboration with other material clusters around the country. In addition, the report emphasizes the state’s potential for growth in the QIS field by specializing in current local industry strengths that also have the potential for quantum, such as Agtech. 

Washington state is already producing a sufficient number of QIS professionals. However, the state needs to focus on creating programs that support underrepresented groups to build a more diverse workforce in the field.

One of the critical areas of focus in the report is quantum sensing, which is anticipating a boost in its market share in the foreseeable future, driven by the defense and agriculture industries. Globally, quantum sensing displays high promise for the military and defense industry, but reducing manufacturing costs is paramount. As a result, companies in China and Japan file most quantum technology patents.

In recognition of the state’s potential for growth in the QIS field, the WTIA was awarded $550,000 from the State of Washington in January 2022 to expand the state’s position as a global innovation hub through an Advanced Technology Cluster. The funds will support the development and growth of the QIS industry in Washington state, focusing on building a diverse and skilled workforce and fostering collaboration and partnerships with other technology clusters around the country.

Overall, the WTIA’s report highlights the significant opportunities for growth and specialization in the QIS field in Washington state. With the state’s established expertise in quantum computing, a diverse and skilled workforce, and a focus on collaboration and partnerships, Washington state is well-positioned to become a global leader in the QIS industry.

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