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Research Project on Indoor Farming Technologies Seeks Sponsorship

Research Project on Indoor Farming Technologies Seeks Sponsorship

Key Takeaways:

  1. Chapter Contribution to Renowned Publication: Dr. Eric W. Stein will author a chapter in “Digital Transformation and Society,” edited by Dr. Jay Liebowitz.
  2. Research Project Will Focus on Digital Technologies in Indoor Farming: The chapter will explore how digital advancements like AI, ML, and IoT change indoor farming.
  3. Invitation for Sponsorship: Interested parties can sponsor or contribute to this research, with a December 15, 2023 deadline.
  4. Comprehensive Examination of Digitization Impact: The book aims to delve into the transformative role of digitization across business models, processes, and ethical dimensions.

Opportunity for Involvement:

As the Executive Director of the Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture, Dr. Stein invites entities interested in the digitization of agriculture to sponsor or contribute to this research project. Potential sponsors can reach out to Dr. Stein for more details. The research project presents an opportunity to be part of a scholarly work that will shed light on the technological evolution in indoor farming, a key component of modern agriculture.

Context and Relevance:

The chapter’s inclusion in the book underscores the significance of digital technologies in shaping the future of agriculture, mainly indoor farming. This research project offers a platform for sponsors to align with pioneering work in agricultural technology.

For more information or to express interest in sponsorship, parties are encouraged to contact Dr. Eric W. Stein directly at his email:

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