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Anticipation for VIV MEA and Horti Agri Next MEA 2023 Abu Dhabi

VIV MEA 2023 and Horti Agri Next MEA in Abu Dhabi are set to offer a comprehensive insight into the agribusiness industry
Key Takeaways:
  1. VIV MEA 2023 and Horti Agri Next (HAN) MEA: These events, scheduled for November 20-22, 2023, in Abu Dhabi, mark a significant return for the international Feed-to-Food trade show, expanding to include HAN MEA.
  2. Sector Integration: The co-location of these events offers a comprehensive view of the agribusiness industry, from animal protein production to advanced horticulture.
  3. Innovative Sessions and Conferences: The trade shows feature the FoodTech Transition Square, Aquafeed Extrusion & Nutrition Conference, and Poultry Marketing Round Table, among other notable sessions.
  4. Focus on Advanced Horticulture: HAN MEA 2023 will delve into precision growing, smart irrigation, and vertical farming, fostering connections in the horticultural industry.
  5. Streamlined Registration Process: Attendees can register online before the show, allowing efficient planning and maximizing the value of their participation.
The Fourth Edition of VIV MEA and Introduction of Horti Agri Next MEA

The VIV MEA 2023, returning after two successful years, and the introduction of Horti Agri Next (HAN) MEA are set to occur in Abu Dhabi as part of the Abu Dhabi Agriculture Food and Security Week. These events will cover a broad spectrum of the agribusiness industry, marking a significant development in the Middle East and African regions. The anticipation for these events is high as they allow industry professionals to reconnect and establish valuable business relationships.

Innovative Features and Conferences

The trade shows will feature several innovative segments. The FoodTech Transition Square, a new addition, will host various sessions, including panel discussions and speed dating with roundtables. The Aquafeed Extrusion & Nutrition Conference will address aquatic feed production and extrusion, offering insights into aquaculture industry development. In its third edition, the Poultry Marketing Round Table will facilitate discussions among various stakeholders about the future of poultry marketing and farming.

Horti Agri Next MEA 2023: A Focus on Advanced Horticulture

HAN MEA 2023, in its first edition, will provide an exclusive platform for advanced horticulture exploration. It will highlight key areas such as precision growing, smart irrigation, and vertical farming to foster collaborative connections between researchers, growers, and technology providers.

Convenience for Attendees

With only seven days left until the events, attendees are encouraged to complete their online registration. This process will save time onsite, allowing for efficient planning, and enable participants to engage with the insightful sessions fully, connect with industry leaders, and explore innovative solutions.

About VIV Worldwide

VIV worldwide is a renowned business network linking professionals from feed to food. With 40 years of experience, VIV worldwide has developed a leading platform in the animal protein supply chain, offering boundless opportunities in some of the world’s most promising markets. For more information, visit

About Horti Agri Next (HAN)

Horti Agri Next (HAN) is a key trade show showcasing the latest in horticultural food production, controlled environment practices, and environmental conservation. HAN is a gathering point for global industry professionals to exchange knowledge in arable land planting, horticulture, crop harvesting, and advanced technologies. For further details, visit

About VNU Europe

VNU Europe, a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs based in Utrecht, Netherlands, focuses on organizing worldwide industry events in the agrifood sector, including VIV and Horti Agri Next. The international team at VNU Europe is dedicated to facilitating industry growth and innovation. More information can be found at

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