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Dana Incorporated Elevates Agricultural Equipment Technology

Dana Incorporated Elevates Agricultural Equipment Technology

Key Takeaways:

  1. Dana Innovative Tractor Design Methodology: Introduction of a multiphysics vehicle design approach focusing on high-performance agriculture tractors.
  2. Virtual Prototyping for Enhanced Development: Using sophisticated simulations to streamline the introduction of new tractors.
  3. Electrification in Landscaping Equipment: Launch of efficient electric solutions for zero-turn mowers.
  4. Dedicated Focus on Agriculture and Turf Management: Dana’s solutions cater to the unique requirements of these sectors, emphasizing sustainability and efficiency.

Breakthrough in Agricultural Vehicle Design:

At Agritechnica, Dana Incorporated unveiled a revolutionary vehicle design methodology for high-performance agriculture tractors. Integrating a multiphysics process, this approach facilitates the creation of virtual prototypes that mirror real-world tractor performance. This innovative method is expected to significantly reduce development times, accelerating the market introduction of new tractor models.

Multiphysics Approach in Tractor Development:

Dana’s methodology involves a comprehensive process, including defining vehicle performance parameters, extensive data acquisition, development of virtual prototypes, simulations of real-time duty cycles, and test track validation. This approach is designed to produce suspension solutions that enhance vehicle traction, handling, and operator comfort, ensuring tractors are equipped to meet the rigorous demands of modern agriculture.

Electrification of Turf Equipment:

Dana has highlighted its commitment to sustainable technology and introduced new solutions for electric zero-turn mowers. These solutions feature compact, high-efficiency Spicer Torque-Hub™ drives and Dana TM4™ motors. The technologies support zero-emission operations, providing powerful torque, extended working times, reduced maintenance, and lower noise levels.

Dana’s Role in Agriculture and Turf Management:

Jeroen Decleer, Dana’s senior vice president, emphasized the unique challenges faced by the agriculture and turf management sectors, particularly in the energy transition context. Dana’s market expertise and portfolio of innovations are geared towards meeting these challenges, providing solutions that compress development timelines while delivering performance, efficiency, and sustainability.

Showcase of Agricultural Technologies at Agritechnica:

Dana Incorporated’s presence at Agritechnica includes displaying its agriculture and turf management equipment systems range. The showcase features complete drive systems that support the versatility of agriculture telehandlers, incorporating high-efficiency Spicer® HVT1 powersplit transmissions and high-efficiency axles. Also on display are Spicer independent front suspension axles and precision-engineered Graziano™ shifting solutions tailored for high-performance tractors. These technologies represent Dana’s commitment to advancing agricultural equipment technology, aligning with the growing demands for innovation in the sector.

Photo by Bob Brewer on Unsplash 

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