Revolutionizing Agriculture with Signify: Data-Driven Grow Lights
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Revolutionizing Agriculture with Signify: Data-Driven Grow Lights

Signify, the world’s leading supplier of grow lights is revolutionizing the horticulture industry with its data-driven lighting solutions. By integrating artificial intelligence and collecting and analyzing data, Signify is helping greenhouse farmers make informed decisions and optimize their crop production. The company provides decision-support tools, energy management solutions, and post-sales support from its plant specialists, all while maintaining trust and transparency in privacy and security. Signify is creating a new light on growth, offering farmers a more innovative, efficient way to cultivate their crops.

Signify, a global lighting company, is transforming the horticulture industry by introducing data-driven lighting solutions to help greenhouse farmers achieve better crop production while improving business results. The company’s innovations in the function of supplemental lighting will enhance the quality of crops and improve the results of their businesses. 

Signify is the world’s leading supplier of grow lights and is now incorporating data and algorithms to lead customers into a new era of data-driven lighting. This will also allow farmers to manage energy usage more efficiently, reducing costs.

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To implement data-driven lighting solutions, Signify is using data points stored in the climate computers of greenhouses and developing decision-support tools for lighting that analyze the data and provide custom-made advice for each grower’s particular crop and situation. Remote access to climate and crop data will provide real-time support from Signify’s plant specialists, who will help growers to prepare the most optimal lighting strategy. Signify is committed to transparency and trust in privacy and security. The company always creates an official agreement with the customer on what data will be used and how it will be used.

The growth in the number of projects is generating an increase in requests for post-sales plant specialist support, and the company is looking for smart and efficient ways to serve its growing community of customers. Data-driven lighting will bring great opportunities, and the company is leading more sectors into the benefits of data-driven lightings, such as indoor lighting for warehouses and offices.

Signify is at the forefront of the new age of autonomous growing, helping farmers achieve better quality products, improved planning, better control of costs, and a larger harvest. The company’s commitment to trust, transparency, privacy and security is a testament to its dedication to improving the horticulture industry.

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