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RussKap Water Acquires Envonics

RussKap Water Acquires Envonics. Indoor Farming; Controlled Environment Agriculture; Vertical Farming

RussKap Water, a global leader in Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) technology, has announced its strategic acquisition of Envonics, a top provider of precision agriculture solutions. This merger unites two industry giants, both dedicated to pioneering sustainable innovations. The acquisition marks RussKap Water’s foray into agricultural solutions, presenting new revenue streams for the company.

Both companies boast elite research and development teams with vast domain experience. RussKap Water aims to broaden its market reach by offering advanced water solutions tailored for controlled environment agriculture. On the other hand, Envonics is poised to accelerate its growth, enhancing its product range and continuing its dedication to small-scale and enterprise farming.

Ed Russo, CEO of RussKap Water, praised Envonics for its cutting-edge, data-driven agricultural solutions, emphasizing the potential of integrating RussKap’s AWG systems with Envonics’ technology to promote sustainable farming.

RussKap Water, renowned for its AWG technology, is a primary supplier of Atmospheric Water Generators to the US military and Department of Defense. Their innovative systems produce high-quality drinking water by extracting moisture from the air, surpassing global health standards.

Envonics, since its foundation, has been committed to aiding farmers globally with advanced precision agriculture tools. Their flagship product, the Envonics Vertical Ecosystem (eVE), is a state-of-the-art system that gathers real-time crop data and employs an AI cloud ecosystem for optimal irrigation and crop environment adjustments. This technology has redefined precision agriculture, propelling data-driven farming to new heights.

Yehuda Kaploun, President of RussKap Water, expressed excitement about the acquisition, highlighting the transformative potential of combining their water technology with Envonics’ agricultural solutions. Lior Barhai, Co-Founder and CEO of Envonics echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the shared mission of both companies to enhance agricultural quality, sustainability, and efficiency.

The collaboration between RussKap Water and Envonics promises groundbreaking solutions that will optimize water use, boost crop yields, and minimize environmental impact, aligning with global objectives of enhancing food security, water accessibility, and sustainability.

Following the acquisition, RussKap Water will be the exclusive shareholder of Envonics. However, Envonics will retain its brand identity and continue its operations independently, under the leadership of Co-Founder and CEO Lior Barhai.

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