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Saudi Arabia Unveils USD 1Bn Investment Plan in Greenhouses

Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 Greenhouse Investment

The Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture in Saudi Arabia, Eng. Abdulrahman Bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Fadhli has announced a plan to invest SAR 4 billion (USD 1Bn) in the expansion of the country’s plant resources sector and greenhouses by 2025. The expansion, which is being implemented in cooperation with relevant authorities and private sector companies, aims to increase production capacity through the adoption of new technologies in the agriculture sector. Eng. Al-Fadhli stated that the expansion, which is set to be completed by 2025, will contribute to additional productivity of 430,000 tons, bringing the total production capacity of greenhouses in Saudi Arabia to more than 1 million tons annually.

The expansion of the greenhouses sector is in line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 plan, which aims to achieve national food security, increase local content, and create job opportunities. Eng. Al-Fadhli emphasized the importance of the greenhouses sector in achieving these goals, stating that it is considered “one of the main sectors that are financed by the Agricultural Development Fund (ADF).” The ADF provided loans worth SAR 5 billion to productive sectors in the country in 2022.

The expansion of the greenhouses sector is also expected to increase efficiency and support the development and sustainability of the agriculture industry in Saudi Arabia. Greenhouses have been used in the country for over 30 years and have seen significant developments in terms of technical, productive, and protective capabilities. They allow for the cultivation of crops during off-seasons and help to extend their availability. Greenhouses are also a key factor in the success of specialized agricultural production, such as organic farming, as they provide protection from various climatic conditions.

According to studies conducted by the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture, the adoption of new technologies in the agriculture sector and greenhouses has contributed to a saving of up to 60% in irrigation water. It has also helped to reduce costs, improve quality, and increase farmers’ profits. The percentage of investment profits in greenhouses has been found to range from 15% to 60%. There are currently 73,542 greenhouses in Saudi Arabia.

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