Saudi Arabia's Red Sea Global Launches Tamala Initiative
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Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Global Launches Tamala Initiative

Red Sea Global (RSG), owned by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF), has announced the launch of the Tamala initiative, a farm-to-table concept aimed at bolstering the agricultural economy in the country’s Tabuk region. The initiative is set to collaborate with over 3,000 farms in Tabuk, allowing them to sell their produce directly to RSG’s resort properties, according to initial reports from Zawya.

In a statement, RSG, which is also behind the development of the Red Sea and Amaala tourism giga-projects in Saudi Arabia’s western region, elaborated that the Tamala initiative will provide a direct market for local farmers and introduce new farming technologies. The aim is to increase agricultural production while emphasizing sustainable practices.

A Boost for Local Farms

The Tamala initiative is expected to be a game-changer for the Tabuk region’s agricultural sector. By connecting more than 3,000 local farms directly to RSG’s resorts, the initiative aims to eliminate middlemen, thereby increasing profitability for local farmers.

Technology and Sustainability

RSG emphasized the role of technology in the Tamala initiative. The company plans to introduce advanced farming technologies to the local farming community to increase production levels. At the same time, the initiative is committed to prioritizing sustainable agricultural practices, aligning with global sustainability goals.

Impact on Tourism and Agriculture

The Tamala initiative is a synergistic move that benefits the tourism and agricultural sectors. As RSG is actively developing tourism projects like the Red Sea and Amaala, the farm-to-table concept will boost local agriculture and offer fresh produce to tourists visiting these resorts.

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