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Scottish AgTech Firm Crover Launches Robot to Optimize Grain Storage


Crover (website), a Scottish agriculture technology developer, has launched a pioneering robot that “surfs” through bulk stacks of crops to ensure adequate grain storage. This innovative technology aims to aid grain aggregators and farmers in monitoring and maintaining the quality of their stored crops.

The T-shaped robot, equipped with moisture and temperature sensors, has been designed to move through large quantities of crops such as barley and wheat using two dome-shaped wheels. It collects crucial data on its condition as it navigates through the grain.

The collected data is then analyzed and fed back to a user-friendly dashboard, providing grain aggregators with real-time insights into the status of their stored grain. This innovation promises to transform the grain’s storage and management, potentially reducing waste and improving crop yield.

Humidity and temperature, which the robot effectively monitors, contribute to insect infestations and mold growth. These issues can lead to farmers discarding substantial portions of their stored crops, impacting their yield and profitability.

The Crover robot is a tenant of the National Robotarium, a leading-edge robotics and AI facility. This prestigious positioning aligns with the company’s commitment to leveraging the latest technology to develop practical solutions for agriculture.

By providing farmers and grain aggregators with a more accurate understanding of their grain’s condition, the Crover robot offers a powerful tool for optimizing storage conditions and mitigating the risk of crop loss. This Scottish AgTech firm’s innovation signals a significant step forward in sustainable and efficient grain management.

Photo by Hanna Schwichtenberg on Unsplash 

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