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Signify Plans Expansion of Lighting Business in Egypt

According to Mohamed Saad, President, and CEO of NEA, the Dutch lighting giant, Signify, has vertical farms, poultry, sports, and public infrastructure as its target markets in Egypt.

In an interview with Zawya, Mohamed Saad, Signify’s President and CEO for the NEA region mentioned the growth the company had in Egypt, especially in the horticulture sector where the company provided lighting solutions to the first controlled environment farm in the country producing leafy greens.

“We have set up our horticulture lighting systems at Egypt’s first farm with environmental controls for growing leafy greens. While our recently introduced UV-C lighting systems have been placed in supermarkets, gyms, and sports clubs, our poultry lighting solutions are now in use at Al Watania and Zanaty farms”, according to the official.

Signify’s CEO mentioned that the company became carbon-neutral in 2020 relying on 100% renewable electricity driven by the project Brighter Lives, Better World 2025, the company’s dedicated program setting course to double its positive impact on the environment and society. Egypt represents an emerging market for the company poised to become the region’s powerhouse where Signify plans to expand its local production plans.

“Since the localization program was introduced three years ago, we have introduced a number of Made-in-Egypt products. The percentage of locally sourced components will rise to 80%”, according to Saad.

Image provided by Signify.

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