Suburban Propane's collaboration with Sunbury Urban Farm brings education, sustainability, and community support together.
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Suburban Propane Teams Up with Sunbury Urban Farm

In a heartwarming collaboration that combines education, community support, and environmental awareness, Suburban Propane Partners, L.P. (NYSE: SPH), a prominent nationwide distributor of propane and related products, has partnered with Sunbury Urban Farm, a nonprofit organization nestled in Columbus, Ohio. This partnership represents an exemplary endeavor where corporate responsibility and community engagement intertwine to nurture the growth of both young minds and a sustainable future.

The synergy between Suburban Propane and Sunbury Urban Farm came to life during the ‘Back to School Bike Blender Bash,’ an event that marked the kickoff of the Farm & Forest School year hosted by Sunbury Urban Farm. At the heart of this collaboration lies the desire to educate local children about the significance of agriculture, nutrition, sustainability, and environmental awareness. Suburban Propane’s commitment to community enrichment has manifested through the generous donation of a Fender Blender Bike Blender from Rock the Bike, utilized for interactive demonstrations during the event.

The event featured representatives from Suburban Propane, including Nandini Sankara, the company’s Spokesperson, Sarah Erickson, and Rachel Shotwell from Sunbury Urban Farm. The Fender Blender Bike Blender, a novel and engaging educational tool, exemplifies the spirit of this collaboration, inviting children to pedal and create their smoothies while learning about the energy and effort required to produce food and the importance of sustainable practices.

Sarah Erickson, Program Director of Sunbury Urban Farm, expressed gratitude for Suburban Propane’s contribution, noting that the ‘Back to School Bike Blender Bash’ celebrates the Farm & Forest School’s commencement and concludes a remarkable summer camp season. The programs offered by Sunbury Urban Farm reach approximately 1,500 young participants throughout the year, fostering experiential outdoor learning within a play-based framework.

This partnership symbolizes Suburban Propane’s overarching commitment to community welfare, as demonstrated through their SuburbanCares initiative. Under this banner, the company has undertaken charitable endeavors in various underserved communities across the United States, showcasing its dedication to making a positive impact in diverse locations.

Suburban Propane’s ethos is founded on three core pillars. The first pillar, “Suburban Commitment,” reflects the company’s 95-year legacy of excellence in customer service, prioritizing dependability, flexibility, and reliability. The second pillar, “SuburbanCares,” epitomizes the company’s commitment to giving back and supporting local communities across its extensive national network. The third pillar, “Go Green with Suburban Propane,” spotlights the company’s dedication to promoting clean-burning and versatile alternatives like propane and renewable propane, contributing to a greener energy future.

Sunbury Urban Farm, in Columbus, Ohio, offers an educational oasis where children aged 5-13 are nurtured through exploration, play, and hands-on experiences. With 15 acres of gardens, food forests, and fields, the farm enables youngsters to delve into agriculture, nutrition, and sustainability. The children learn about the abundance of healthy food that can be grown and harvested, emphasizing that nutritious options are readily available in their environment.

Suburban Propane’s collaboration with Sunbury Urban Farm sets an inspiring precedent for corporate engagement in local communities, especially in education and sustainability. The fusion of a forward-thinking energy company and an innovative educational space showcases the potential for positive change when companies choose to invest in the well-being of future generations. This partnership sows the seeds of knowledge and reaps a harvest of conscious and responsible citizens committed to building a more sustainable world.

Image provided by Suburban Propane

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