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Leveraging Indoor Farming At School

Indoor Farming at school

AEssenseFresh delivered additional capacity this week to the AEtrium-2.1 SmartFarm at Green Bay Southwest High School. The SmartFarm, run by an Agriscience teacher, Tom Sebranek, utilizes precision sensor and software-controlled aeroponic systems to produce fresh lettuce for the school’s lunch programs.

In addition to producing products for the school’s lunch program, Sebranek teaches students year-round operational indoor farming methods and concepts. His advanced students manage production operations from seed to plate in their cafeteria and study business management, completing a business case for managing a small farm as part of their curriculum.

Sebranek incorporates a complete STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) curriculum into his classes and encourages students to explore new learning and technology. Green Bay Area Public Schools is proud to have this exciting career pathway for students and is investigating how indoor farming can be a locally grown fresh alternative to traditional suitable weather climates and shipping across the country to local markets.

Tom Sebranek is an innovator and incorporates his skills and professional history into his STEAM curriculum. As a result, he is providing students with the opportunity to learn about indoor farming while equipping them with the skills they need to succeed in a rapidly changing industry. As a result, green Bay Southwest High School is setting an example for other schools by embracing technology and innovation in the classroom through indoor farming.

Image provided by AEssence Fresh.

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