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Sustainable Green Team Receives HumiSoil® Order From VRM Biologik Middle East and Africa

Sustainable Green Team Receives HumiSoil® Order From VRM Biologik Middle East and Africa

Sustainable Green Team, LTD. (OTCQX: SGTM), a leading provider of eco-friendly solutions in the arbor care, disposal, and recycling industries, has announced receipt of a $46,800,800 purchase order for their HumiSoil® product from VRM Biologik Middle East and Africa.

The substantial purchase order is for 1,350,040 cubic yards of SGTM’s innovative HumiSoil® product, currently being produced in three strategically located facilities in Florida and Georgia. The purchase order consists of five scheduled pickups to be completed by December 31, 2024.

HumiSoil® is a 100-percent organic soil amendment product developed from vegetative green waste or compostable material. It is designed to stimulate natural reactions that create and retain soil moisture, reducing the necessity for fertilizers and chemicals. Besides, HumiSoil® has been shown to boost the yield of agricultural products, including livestock grazing on pastureland.

“I am thrilled to expand our collaboration with VRM and support their efforts in the Middle East,” said Tony Raynor, SGTM’s Chief Executive Officer. “This purchase order aligns perfectly with SGTM’s global objective to restore 25% of arable lands’ topsoil and water resources. We foresee this as the start of many more opportunities on a global scale.”

VRM Biologik is well-known for its groundbreaking methods and products that enhance photosynthesis and hydrogen management in soils and water. The company has made significant strides in deploying catalysts, which stimulate Biological Hydrosynthesis – a natural process that captures atmospheric carbon and produces additional water – in depleted and dry soils.

This large purchase order signals a significant step towards the global adoption of sustainable soil amendments, a move crucial for promoting environmental sustainability in the agricultural sector.

Photo by Zoe Schaeffer on Unsplash 

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