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DevvStream Holdings Partners With VRM Biologik To Provide Exclusive Carbon Credits Management Agreement

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DevvStream Holdings Inc. has announced an exclusive carbon credits management agreement with VRM Biologik, a soil restoration technology company that produces proprietary products for the regeneration of farmlands by stimulating Biological Hydrosynthesis in depleted and arid soils. The process converts organic waste into high-value agricultural inputs, catalyzing natural soil reactions that capture atmospheric carbon and produce moisture. This exclusive agreement grants DevvStream the exclusive rights and title to carbon credits resulting from projects developed by VRM Biologik. In addition, DevvStream will manage the creation, validation, certification, registration, storage, security, and liquidation of project credits.

The partnership is crucial as studies by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations suggest that roughly one-third of the world’s productive topsoil has degenerated to having only 0.5 percent organic matter present. Regenerative agriculture technologies and practices have the potential to improve soil health dramatically, providing environmental and human health benefits while sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. In the United States alone, regenerative agriculture could capture and store up to 250 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually, which is nearly 5 percent of the nation’s emissions.

DevvStream’s exclusive carbon credits management agreement with VRM Biologik allows the company to generate high-quality, verifiable carbon credits from various agricultural projects, including large-scale, land-based opportunities in North and South America. This partnership incorporates measured carbon outcomes, enabling ESG funding for projects that matter. In addition, it will allow DevvStream to expand its carbon credits portfolio further while promoting sustainable agricultural practices that benefit the environment, farmers, and communities.

DevvStream’s partnership with VRM Biologik is essential to promoting sustainable agriculture and environmental protection. By leveraging innovative technologies and practices, the companies aim to sequester carbon from the atmosphere, improve soil health, and generate high-quality carbon credits that meet ESG standards. The partnership highlights DevvStream’s commitment to investing in innovative solutions that address critical environmental challenges while generating returns for its investors. The collaboration between these two companies is an excellent example of how the private sector can drive meaningful change and create a more sustainable future.

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