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Tazofarms Launches New Line of Indoor Reserve Hemp Wraps in Dallas, Texas

Tazofarms, a leading indoor hydroponic hemp farm based in Dallas, Texas, has recently launched a new Indoor Reserve Hemp Wraps line. The company, already known for its THCA flower and products, aims to take things up a notch with this new line of products. The pre-rolls are filled with pure flower material and infused with 10% delta-8 while also terpene-rich and high in CBD. Customers can order these pre-rolls from the Tazofarms website and have them delivered, or they can pick them up from the company’s establishment.

Tazofarms has been growing high-grade hemp crops since its inception in 2019, and the new line of indoor reserve hemp wraps is just proof of the company’s expertise. The hemp wraps are made from 100% organic hemp flowers that are grown using sustainable farming techniques in-house. Additionally, the paper used for the pre-rolls is unbleached, with no chalk or dyes, and the hemp is nicotine-free, shake-free, stem-free, and additive-free, ensuring a clean burn. The company believes that its new Indoor Reserve Hemp Wraps line will be a big hit with consumers. It offers a healthier alternative to other smoking materials like tobacco or bleached paper while providing several benefits to users.

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