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The Dawn of LNG-Cooled Greenhouses in Malaysia

Bluelab, Excel Seeds, MIGHT, and Wasavé have collaboratively launched an innovative LNG greenhouse cooling technology in Malaysia.
Key Takeaways:
  • Innovative Collaboration: Bluelab, Excel Seeds, MIGHT, and Wasavé team up for a groundbreaking sustainable agriculture project in Malaysia.
  • Energy and Emission Reduction: The innovative LNG greenhouse cooling technology introduced by MIGHT and Wasavé brings a 20%-40% savings in energy and a 22%-35% reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • Automation and Measurement: Bluelab and Excel Seeds provide vital automation and measurement technology, ensuring efficient strawberry cultivation in the LNG-cooled greenhouses.
  • Future of Farming: This collaboration promises a revolution in Malaysian agriculture and showcases a potential model for sustainable farming practices worldwide.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: The partnership underscores all entities’ dedication to pushing technological and sustainability boundaries in the agricultural sector.
Collaborative Innovation for Sustainable Future Farming

In a committed move towards sustainable agriculture, Bluelab, in close collaboration with Excel Seeds, has partnered with MIGHT (Market-Driven Technological Partnership), a Malaysian government-backed think-tank, and Wasavé, an energy innovation firm. Together, they’re unfolding a new chapter in agriculture technology by introducing liquefied natural gas (LNG) greenhouse cooling, marking a significant stride towards energy-efficient and sustainable farming practices.

This technology signifies a crucial advancement in sustainable agriculture, demonstrating an impressive 20%-40% saving in total energy bills and a 22%-35% reduction in CO2 emissions, paving the way toward a future of green farming.

Empowering Agriculture with Cutting-Edge Technology

On September 9th, 2023, an exemplary project was inaugurated among industry leaders, innovators, and agriculture enthusiasts, unraveling the promising future of farming in Malaysia, focusing on energy efficiency, sustainability, and innovative farming practices. The venture spotlights a new lowland strawberry farm, projected to become an emblem of innovation and a model for sustainable agriculture practices in Malaysia and worldwide.

Excel Seeds, a vanguard in the agricultural technology sector, seamlessly incorporated a Bluelab MultiGrow system and handheld measurement devices, including the Pulse Meter and Combo Meter, to optimize and regulate the growth conditions within the LNG-cooled greenhouse, hence safeguarding a prosperous strawberry yield.

Harnessing Technological Synergy for Sustainable Solutions

Bluelab’s notable steps with MIGHT, Wasavé, and Excel Seeds highlight a progressive direction toward mitigating food production and environmental sustainability challenges through innovative technology and strategic partnership. The project accentuates the proficiency of CGR COLDGROW TM technology and LNG applications in agriculture, portraying the impact of innovation and collaborative partnership in addressing the multi-faceted challenges of food production and environmental sustainability.

As Hwang Shuang Chuan, Regional Business Partner Manager for Asia and the Middle East at Bluelab, eloquently says, “This partnership represents our commitment to pushing the boundaries of agricultural technology and sustainability.” The collaboration doesn’t merely underscore a technological alliance but a synchronized commitment towards conceiving a future where innovative solutions bolster food security while concurrently minimizing environmental impact.

Nurturing a Sustainable Future

Bluelab and Excel Seeds invite everyone to celebrate this remarkable milestone and, more importantly, embark on a collaborative journey that shapes the future of agriculture in Malaysia. This endeavor constitutes a significant advancement for Bluelab and its partners and fabricates a tangible pathway toward globally sustainable agriculture practices.

In a world grappling with food security, environmental sustainability, and energy conservation challenges, such innovations emanate as a beacon of hope and a model for future initiatives. The partnership and the resultant technological advancements herald a new era where technology and sustainability coalesce to forge a future of green, efficient, and sustainable agriculture.

About Bluelab

Pioneering the frontier of agricultural and horticultural measurement and control solutions, Bluelab is a global leader committed to empowering commercial growers to achieve maximal crop yield through its flexible, scalable, and innovative solutions. With a staunch focus on precision, reliability, and innovation, Bluelab continues to pave the way for a sustainable future in agriculture.

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