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QL AG & Ginkgo: Innovating Sustainable Dairy Proteins

QL AG and Ginkgo Bioworks join forces to innovate in the alt-dairy market, aiming to develop sustainable, fermentation-derived dairy proteins
Key Takeaways:
  • Growth and Potential: The alternative dairy market, propelled by concerns of climate change, sustainability, and health, has expanded significantly, with yet room to grow.
  • Innovation through Collaboration: QL AG collaborates with Ginkgo Bioworks, leveraging the latter’s extensive expertise in strain engineering and protein production.
  • Sustainability in Focus: Utilizing fermentation-derived dairy proteins can significantly reduce dependencies on arable land and water usage, offering an eco-friendly alternative.
  • Challenges and Solutions: Despite a booming alternative dairy market, achieving consumer satisfaction through optimal taste, texture, and nutritional equivalence with traditional dairy remains a hurdle.

In an era where food technology has burgeoned to explore numerous alternatives, QL AG, a pioneering food technology solutions company, has announced a noteworthy collaboration with Ginkgo Bioworks (NYSE: DNA) to spearhead the development of dairy proteins. In light of the burgeoning challenges the dairy industry faces, catalyzed by climate change and rising consumer demands for healthier and more sustainable food options, this alliance marks a significant step towards innovating sustainable, alternative dairy products.

The Challenge at Hand

Global climate change, signified by reducing arable land and water, has pressured the dairy industry to seek alternative solutions. Additionally, with consumer dynamics shifting towards health-centric, tasty, and sustainable options, the alternative dairy market has witnessed a surge in demand, experiencing a multi-billion-dollar growth in recent years. Despite the strides made, current dairy alternatives have yet to fully satiate consumer expectations in pivotal aspects such as taste and texture.

Capitalizing on Fermentation

Roger Föhn, CEO and co-founder of QL AG emphasized the merits of dairy proteins produced through fermentation, particularly appreciating their taste and texture, alongside a minimized dependency on arable land and water. The alignment with Ginkgo Bioworks endeavors to amalgamate QL AG’s mission with Ginkgo’s adept capabilities in strain production and fermentation process scaling.

“Dairy proteins derived using fermentation have advantages across many key dimensions… By accessing Ginkgo’s platform, QL AG can help reduce the cost of producing dairy proteins with fermentation,” proclaimed Föhn, illustrating a shared commitment between the two organizations to pioneer a quantum leap in alternative agriculture.

Engineering a Solution

Ginkgo Bioworks, renowned for establishing a preeminent platform for cell programming and biosecurity, is poised to lend its considerable expertise in protein engineering, bioactivity and biochemistry identification, high-throughput expression, and more to overcome challenges around protein productivity, economics, and functionality.

“Dairy proteins provide an exciting opportunity to leverage our platform… We aim to solve such challenges with our deep expertise… and can’t wait to grow our capabilities in precision fermentation by working with such an innovative partner,” articulated Kalpesh Parekh, Vice President of Business Development at Ginkgo Bioworks.

A Leap Towards the Future of Dairy

This partnership underscores a shared vision to unlock new possibilities in the alternative dairy sector, addressing environmental concerns and consumer demands head-on. With QL AG’s profound knowledge in food innovation and biotechnology and Ginkgo Bioworks’ extensive expertise in cell programming and strain engineering, this alliance bears the potential to sculpt a novel path in alternative dairy, drawing a future where dairy products are not only tastefully comparable to traditional offerings but also encapsulate the essence of sustainability and nutritional excellence.

As the two entities align, the blend of scientific understanding and innovative spirit suggests a promising future for alternative dairy, potentially ushering in a new epoch where consumer palates and planetary needs are harmoniously catered to.

In a world grappling with ecological and health challenges, the unity of QL AG and Ginkgo Bioworks illustrates a paradigm where technological advancements and environmental consciousness coalesce, potentially scribing a new chapter in the story of sustainable food technology.

Image provided by QL AG

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